10 best decorating games for mobile

You want to redecorate your interior and you don’t know how to do it? Do you want to buy new furniture for the house and you have no money at the moment? A very simple way to achieve this desire is to mobile games. these little games decoration for mobile are great ways to unleash our creativity and energy without touching our pockets.

The games that we indicate in this text will satisfy your desires to create beautiful living and working spaces. They work through To download mobile apps, and most of them are free. So, if you feel like playing with the decoration, choose your favorite and have fun!

1. 3D house design

(Source: Steam)Source: Steam

3D house design is a very complete but easy to use mobile game in which you can select different variants of pattern to outfit your home in the virtual environment. You can use pre-existing items in the game, as well as create new furniture and decorations for your home.

The tools are very realistic and allow you to have all the equipment to visualize your next home. You can plan your new decor or just have fun.

of them. The Sims Mobile

(Source: EA)(Source: EA)Source: EA

Here we have a mobile version of the famous game The Sims, which was originally created for computers and video game consoles. You create your Sim character, with your personal and professional personality, but you also assemble and decorate your house according to your choices. You can adapt it to your style and change both the construction and the decoration as you go through life in the game. But – just like in the real world – you have to work to earn money in order to to be able to pay for everything.

3. Property Brothers Home Design

(Source: The Scott Brothers)(Source: The Scott Brothers)Source: The Scott Brothers

This game is the mobile game version of the TV show brothers at work, which is a success all over the world, including in Brazil. You can renovate and improve every space in a house, with decorations and furniture, using all your creativity. The grace of that too Game is you get some extra tips from the famous brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott.

4. Home Design Makeover

(Source: Virtual World Earth)(Source: Virtual World Earth)Source: Virtual World Earth

In the game Home Design Makeover, you feel like a real interior designer. when starting the Gameyou are given a job: you have to transform your client’s old room into a marvelous thing.

It’s a series of challenges: First, you meet a client named Rachel. If she approves the job, you take the next one, and so on.

The game is very varied and you can change all the elements you want, according to the requests that come from your customers. There’s also a kind of “passive income” that keeps flowing into your pocket while you’re away. Game.

5. Dream House Craft: Sim Design

(Source: Amazon)(Source: Amazon)Source: Amazon

Dream House Craft: Sim Design it’s a game that reminds me a bit Minecraft, a hit with the kids. Here you can build houses and decorate rooms and rooms with a huge variety of tools.

By installing the application, you must buy your first house. It will start with the purchase of blocks to assemble it. As you progress through the game, several locked items will be opened for you to incorporate into your homes.

In addition to using ready-made equipment, you can also create a wide variety of new decorative elements. He can even change characters’ clothes and customize everything around him, so the fun goes beyond the house itself.

6. sweet home

(Source: Get Apps Apk)(Source: Get Apps Apk)Source: Get Apps Apk

sweet home is an application that promises to allow you to build the house of your dreams. When starting the game, you need to complete certain missions which will unlock coins and stars that can be used to decorate the house.

As you accumulate stars, you gain access to new decoration sets to use in this Game. And the funny thing here is that there are good and bad options, which will lead to different stages within sweet home. Over time you will become expert in creating perfect homes.

seven. pinball house

(Source: Steam)(Source: Steam)Source: Steam

This game is for those who want to destroy houses to transform them. You can buy ruined land to repair it or resell it later.

The further you progress in the game, the more money you will have to buy bigger houses. You can even use your own (virtual) fists to knock down houses, which can be a lot of fun and unleash your desire for destruction.

8. Homemade improvisation: furniture sandbox

(Source: Steam)(Source: Steam)Source: Steam

Homemade improvisation: furniture sandbox generates different reactions in people. That’s because its concept is very particular: you can build normal objects, like chairs and tables, or create really crazy objects. In other words, it is a game that arouses a lot of imagination and creativity.

9. design my room

(Source: Pure APK)(Source: Pure APK)Source: Pure APK

In this game you can create houses, shops and other types of properties. You can also unlock certain missions and follow the story of a designate who is starting his career.

The game also has a community aspect: you can share tips with other players and watch what they have built, to inspire you for your own home.

ten. Interior design: Caribbean living

(Source: Pure APK)(Source: Pure APK)Source: Pure APK

How about decorating a vacation home on the Caribbean coast? This is the promise of this mobile game, which combines puzzle dynamics and interior design.

You have to go through several episodes to advance the story. To get started, you need to build your home’s swimming pool, tile it, and put it away. Then arrange the rest. And when you run out of money, play a puzzle and collect resources to continue upgrades.

In addition to having fun decorating houses, Interior design: Caribbean living makes you feel like you’ve traveled to a heavenly destination.

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