AltkreisBlitz: Opening wins for “ReckenRockets [H]”


he Bundesliga handball club TSV Hannover-Burgdorf has established itself for many years as the premier address for top-level handball in Lower Saxony and is also involved in various social activities. True to the motto “more than just handball”, TSV Hannover-Burgdorf has repeatedly demonstrated in the past that it is always innovating and supports innovative projects that expand and strengthen the social function of athletes.

Together with Dr. Buhmann Schule & Akademie, Warriors have now entered the world of esports by taking over a licensing partnership for a professional team. This commitment is in close cooperation with the e-sports division of TSV Burgdorf, which for years has played a pioneering role for this sporting discipline, which is becoming increasingly relevant, and is one of the most sought-after contacts in the metropolitan area of ​​Hannover. .

“With the evolution of technology, the game has long been a factor in our society that particularly fascinates the younger generations. Working with young people and promoting them beyond handball are fundamental elements of our club’s philosophy. We also see many parallels between classic and digital sports Training, which we are convinced can be combined and complemented these thematic worlds very well.With our entry into the world of digital sports, we want to strengthen Hannover as an e- sport and thus support the digitization efforts of the city and the region,” says Recken’s Managing Director, Eike Korsen, about the development of the project with the competence and cooperation partners.

Doctor Buhmann Schule & Akademie takes over the sporting direction and team management of the Rocket League team. The goal of this ambitious project is the development of professional e-sport in Hannover. During modern digitization, an e-sports base and a video studio have been created, which provide modern equipment and are suitable for streaming larger events and live broadcasts. The training institute, led by Buhmann Managing Director Matthias Limbach, has been investing in modern infrastructure for years and sees great potential for the future in the integration with esports:

“For Dr. Buhmann School & Academy, esports is a project for the future. We offer talented e-athletes a platform to use their skills in a performance-oriented way and also to focus on the professional training. Studies show that esports contributes to this “Learning and strengthening skills important for the digital workplace of the future. In this way, we not only promote sporting talents, but also develop the specialists of tomorrow. The Recken and the TSV Burgdorf are ideal partners to establish a high-performance team in the Hannover sports region and thus give the city of Hannover new momentum in electronic sports.”

Licensing partners are with an ambitious team under the name “ReckenRockets [H]” started in the online game Rocket League. The team plays in the first division of the Nitro League (Germany’s largest Rocket League) and managed to win the first six games. The “ReckenRockets [H]” are in first place in the table and have the best chance of qualifying for the play-offs at the end of the season in Hamburg.

“Rocket League is the ideal title to start in esports, because it has great similarities with other sports. It is a sportingly fair competition in which all players compete under the same conditions. skills and team cooperation. The principle of the game is simple, which makes it easy to understand for every spectator. We welcome and support engagement in high-level esports, which complements our efforts at the competitive level. This creates new conditions and greater attention for our sport,” says Tobias Gotthold, Head of Esports Department at TSV Burgdorf, highlighting the title selection and expressing his joy at the entry of the license partners into the world of the sport.

The head of Dr. It is important for Buhmann Schule & Akademie not only to provide digital athletes with the ideal conditions to further develop their gaming skills in e-sports, but also to enable school or vocational training at the academy. Therefore, in the future, a total of 16 eSports athletes will receive an eSports scholarship at Dr. Buhmann School and Academy are preserved.

Björn Benke, eSports Manager [H] to dr. Buhmann Schule & Akademie is delighted to be able to offer a great opportunity for young people: “It is not easy for professional athletes to combine sporting ambitions with professional training or qualified studies. We have recognized this great challenge for e- sports and try to enable Athletes can do both E-athletes can get recognized training at the Dr. Buhmann Academy and at the same time have enough time to improve their skills and e-sports skills This combination can be useful for many esports professionals. can be a chance to further improve and secure themselves professionally.”

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