Film about the Wiesbaden Group 50

The artists’ collective, founded in 1950, is at the center of Stella Tinbergen’s new film. Now, it will be presented in the morning at Caligari.

In the courtyard of his studio: Horst Reichard works here on his work “Rush Hour”.
(Photo: Tinbergen)

WIESBADEN – The title is a quote: “Art as the key to existence”. It comes from Ricarda Peters. The artist is a member of the group Wiesbaden 50, which celebrated its 70th birthday in 2020. Thus, the film with the title of Peters’ quote, which Wiesbaden director Stella Tinbergen will premiere this Sunday at 11 a.m. at Caligari, is both a tribute to the renowned group and to the city in which most of the members live.

Stella Tinbergen has also made a name for herself with her film portraits of artists. She has notably made films on the painter Marianne von Werefkin, the dancer Sakharov and the painter Otto Ritschl. In 2013 she received the Wiesbaden Christa Moering Fellowship for a film about art patron Hannah Bekker vom Rath (“Ambassador of Art”).

At that time, she already got to know individual members of Gruppe 50, says the director, who found the various artistic positions very exciting. Even then, she thought about making a film about the group. “It’s an exciting challenge to work with a collective of artists. Looking over the shoulders of artists when a work is created appealed to him.

“In fact, each of these special personalities deserves their own movie.” For 79 minutes, she dramatically interweaves the visits made to them. “Obviously we couldn’t have everyone in the film – it’s a portrait of the band, not a string of pearls.”

And this portrait is also that of being an artist in oneself: “You do it every day, this need, to be motivated, to want to express the world – that’s what I wanted to capture”, says Stella Tinbergen. Artists, as she has experienced, are uncompromisingly dedicated to their work. For some, freedom means not having to sell art. Unlike her previous films, made posthumously, she was able to ask herself here: why are you doing this? It was not a one-way street, but a fruitful dialogue. Wiesbaden, she is certain, “can be proud of the group of 50”. Before the film premieres on Sunday matinees, there is a supporting film about Christa Moering and the band, which was founded in 1950. Next, Stella Tinbergen will talk to Uwe Stellberger from Caligari.

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