Niterói celebrates the return of the School Games (JEN) ​​after two years; videos

You Niterói School Games (JEN) return to the calendar after a two-year hiatus. The Covid-19 has affected the entire calendar of school and sporting events in the municipality, but little by little normality is returning. With this, public and private schools began their great annual appointment this Friday (27), at 4 p.m., with the already traditional opening in the gymnasium of the Canto do Rio club. The organization was shared between the Municipal Department of Sports and Leisure and the Municipal Education Foundation. (Videos below)

This year, Niterói had a record number of 53 schools registered, including both private and public institutions. About five thousand students will be present in the competitions, which will include 23 sports. There will be 900 matches of the most varied modalities between June and December. Altinha, for example, was introduced as a new sport and gained support among young people in the city of Niterói and in Brazil. At the end of the event, the group JPG, from Niterói, performed, encouraging the public.

The Vice-Mayor of Niterói, Paolo Bagueiradrew attention to the membership of schools, since the number of registrations has increased significantly in the municipality in recent years:

“The JEN 2022 mark the return of sport to the municipality of Niterói. I am impressed by the record participation of 53 schools in this edition. This guarantees the excellent results that the city of Niterói has achieved in the promotion of sport, as a means of providing education and promoting the health of young people in the municipality”celebrated the deputy mayor.

Each sport in JEN has three categories: born until 2003, born between 2003 and 2006, and born between 2006 and 2009. has sought to innovate by including beach sports, such as beach soccer, beach handball, beach volleyball , altinha, rugby and futemesa. All sports will include both men’s and women’s competitions. The modalities that complete the dispute are badminton, basketball 3 x 3, rhythmic gymnastics (only for women), wrestling, swimming, skateboarding, judo, table tennis, chess and dodgeball (reserved for women). In addition, this year there will be Jenzinho, a competition for students between 8 and 11 years old and which will have four modalities: basketball, futsal, volleyball and handball.

The President of the Municipal Education Foundation (FME), Fernando Cruzpointed out that after the two years without JEN, young people were showing anxiety about being able to “celebrate life” again.

“The partnership between the Municipal Sports Department and Niterói Education is very important in this regard, because sport educates and disciplines for life. In this way, children and adolescents learn to live together, to win and to lose”Cruz pointed out.

The Municipal Sports Secretary, Luis Carlos Gallosaid that he was happy to express, on behalf of the Direction des Sports and the Town Hall, all the happiness of JEN’s return:

“In this new cycle, after so many difficulties after the pandemic, it is already a success. There will be 53 schools that will be integrated across 23 sports, with approximately 5,000 students playing the activities in over 900 matches and 26 festivals. All this from June to December of this year, in the 3 categories, male and female and in Jenzinho (under 11). I would also like to thank the schools for the effort, the sacrifice that the principals have to make to build their teams in such a short time”said the secretary enthusiastically.

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