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The nearly 25,000 inhabitants of Travessão received good news for the neighborhood during the town hall in action, which took place this Saturday (28) and filled the sports field of the municipal school Albertina Venâncio. Among the announcements made by Mayor Wladimir Garotinho is the reopening of the Third Age Club and the construction of a promenade, entirely wooded and with kiosks where the railway line currently passes.

Wladimir also visited the pre-hospital unit (UPH) of Travessão, which will be renovated, and sought to know the demands of the district health unit. “I wanted to come here to the UPH, where several improvements will be made. This week, the company has already come to do a survey on what it needs to improve the infrastructure. I announced the return of the pediatrician Pediatricians are a rare specialty. It’s even hard to hire. But we’re reorganizing our network to have a pediatrician at least a few days a week, and later, have professionals close the shift every days”

NEW – About 700 meters of promenade will be built, with walkway, standardized kiosks, lighting, bus stop and landscaping. The project presented by Wladimir was approved by the inhabitants of Travessão present at the town hall in action. “When it’s ready, our quality of life will improve a lot. It will be a place for walking. I loved the news,” Conceição Tavares said.

The reopening of the Third Age Club, closed by the previous government, also pleased the best of age present at the event. The Undersecretary for the Elderly performed throughout the morning, registration in the Elderly Book, haircut, massage therapy, among other actions. “The space will not only serve the elderly of Travessão, but the entire area of ​​the 7th district”, explained the mayor.

On the occasion, Wladimir Garotinho also delivered three zero kilometer cars to the Guardianship Councils (CT) of Guarus, Jardim Carioca and the Centre. For the president of the Municipal Foundation for Children and Youth, Fabiano de Paula, the acquisition of cars represents, in addition to the improvement of the structure, the valuation of the councilors and the recovery of the credibility of the CT. “In addition to the cars, the communes receive a water fountain, a television, a refrigerator and new computers. Two units have been renovated and two others are in a new location to better serve the population, which now has more confidence in the work of the counsellors. “.

TOWN HALL IN ACTION – The individual service to the citizen took place this Saturday, but throughout the week, several operational secretariats anticipated their actions, such as the Under-secretariat of Public Lighting, which installed around 200 points of led lamps on all major avenues and street access.. these avenues. The Departments of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Public Order, the Undersecretary of Public Cleanliness and Health Surveillance have also anticipated their actions.

Taking advantage of the presence of the Town Hall programs in Travessão, the housewife, Maria de Lourdes Barbosa, collected her certificate of perpetuation from the tomb, at the Codemca stand and also checked her IPTU tax situation, next to the Department stand municipal finance. “I am very satisfied, I was very well received. Coming to this event here has made my life a lot easier. Now I know how to proceed with the IPTU debt”.

Hyran Santos Sette, took the opportunity to cut his hair. “Anything I can do here, I will do,” he said, pleased with the new cut.

For the first time with its own structure at the Town Hall in Action, the Directorate of Administration and Resources has brought its technicians to deal exclusively with civil servants, making requests and filling in forms for assistance and orientation on unsanitary conditions, allowances, vacations, retirement , retirement, among other actions, in order to facilitate the life of the waiter who, when moving to Campos, will already know the documentation he needs for the desired service.

The Black Cia group was invited by the Department of Human and Social Development, through CREAS, to promote dissemination and orientation on child abuse. “We are with the group of trancistas doing hairstyles on the girls and we will also do a fashion show rehearsal. The goal is to bring these girls and boys together, to show that everyone can take care of themselves and that caring is not synonymous with approaching the aggressor. how to identify an aggressor and especially how to report it,” said psychologist and coordinator of Black Cia, Aparecida Chagas.

Municipal secretaries, presidents of foundations and municipalities, as well as State Deputy Bruno Dauaire and Councilor Léon Gomes were present at the 3rd edition of the year Town Hall in Action.

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