The TJ PB competition has a commission formed. Check!

O TJ PB Contest has a commission formed! In a publication in the Official Journal of the Union, this Thursday, May 26, 2022, the names of the members who will make up the Special Commission responsible for organizing, coordinating, executing and completing the work necessary for the application of the State Court of Justice contests are published from Paraíba.

The next step is to define the bank responsible for the execution of the event.

Find all the information on the formation of the TJ PB competition commission by browsing the index below:

Competition TJ PB: commission set up

The names of the members who will be part of the Special Commission organizing the event have been revealed. The group of civil servants will take care of all the aspects and details of the selection and will follow the realization of the competition from the stage of production of the basic project, definition of the bench, publication of the public notice. And also the post-auction stages: registrations, tests, and others.

Check out the full document below:

TJ PB Competition: committee formed

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Testimonial of approved

Approved at TJRJ and 4 other selections: meet Lucas Varella!
Meet Marina da Silva, TJ SP contest approved!
Meet Ana Flávia Nogueira, approved in the TJGO and PMTO contests!

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Discover all the details of the TJ PB competition by clicking here

Summary of the competition TJ PB

TJ PB Competition Paraíba State Court of Justice
Current situation Commission formed
organizing bank to define
Positions to define
education to define
careers to define
Ability Paraiba
Number of vacant rooms to define
Remuneration to define
Click here to see the latest TJ PB Contest announcement

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