Dacia Spring Review – Is the cheapest tram worth anything?

As you may know, Dacia’s growth in the automotive world is largely due to something you should already have on the tip of your tongue… The price! After all, this sub-company shares several older parts with Renault, and in the end it almost always manages to price well below the competition.

That said, at this point in the championship, when even if oil drops, on Monday fuels increase, buyers are obviously looking at the electric world with another eye, where of course we have an extremely economical alternative, in the form of the Dacia Sping, a small electric SUV, which also tries to be very small, and very light, when the time comes to pay for it.

What about the cheapest 100% electric car on the market?

In a word, you have here an offer well below the “traditional” cost of an electric car, but still capable of being fun, and very practical in town.

All this with just 44 horsepower, which sounds like little, but is actually more than enough for city driving. After all, we are talking about a featherweight car, weighing just 921 kg.

But let’s go in parts.

Design – Dacia Spring Electric

Well, contrary to what has happened many times, Dacia decided to create Spring from scratch. Indeed, the goal has always been to bet heavily on China, with mass production, always with a strong emphasis on low prices.

The result of these decisions is that here we have a kind of Dacia Sandero Stepway in a small point.

Live, you will notice that the model may be smaller than it appears in the photographs. The dimensions are quite small, but still keep the front and sides with a cheerful design, while the back is less impressive.

However, where the company didn’t disappoint was in the small exterior details! Thus, at the front we have “normal” headlights accompanied by a line of LEDs on each side. Plus, it comes with special alloy wheels, right? Bad! The rims are iron with a cap, but this detail can only be discovered because I told you about it. After all, Dacia has managed to hide this detail very well.

On the inside

Dacia spring

Well… I feel like I’m in the smallest and cheapest electric SUV on the market. But in fact, it is not necessarily bad!

We have one good finish of seats and steering wheel. However, of course, the rest of the construction turns out to be plastic basedplus the doors have a very hollow and “cheap” sound when opening and closing.

With the same budget approximation we have the audio which is carried out by only two speakers. It’s decent… and fulfills the main mission. But that leaves something to be desired in the grand scheme of things.

Dacia spring

Truth be told, we’ve always known this is a car that cuts both cost and build quality. So, if you want a car that’s cheap at the time of purchase, capable of remaining the friend of your wallet on a daily basis, having a somewhat short sound system should be the least of your worries. Yet, despite all this, we have a digital color panel, accompanied by a 7-inch digital entertainment system, recognized by Renault enthusiasts.

Finally, in the middle of all the cuts, what I really missed was the adjustment of the steering wheel, and also the height adjustment of the driver’s seat. However, thanks to general regulations, driving remains a comfortable act.

What about space then?

Dacia spring

Well, despite its small SUV size, it was easy to accommodate 4 adults inside this Dacia Spring. Yes… it’s not the most spacious car in the segment, especially in the rear seats, but it’s enough for short journeys, especially in town.

Where he impressed a lot was in his luggage compartment with a capacity of 300 liters. A feat that put all the onlookers “open-mouthed”.

Dacia spring

Performance and Driving

When we talk about the most affordable offering on the market, the truth is that the focus is not on performance at all. Ultimately, there are many more important details to guarantee and outright performance is not included.

But… let’s get to the numbers!

On paper, the Dacia Spring “only” with 44 horsepower accompanied by 125nm of torque. This instantaneous torque of the electric motor is felt, after all we are in an electric and we have a featherweight of 920kg. To get an idea, in comparison, the Renault Zoé weighs around 1500kg.

The result, according to the brand, is an acceleration of 0-100 km/h in 19 seconds, which was confirmed during the test days, reaching this mark between 18.9 and 19.2 seconds. But that number is vague in an offer like this. It is perhaps more important to note that Dacia Spring is able to switch from 0-50km/h in about 4 seconds it’s from 0-80 km/h about 10 seconds. Simply put, it’s more than enough for everyday (or relaxed) city driving.

In fact, even with 4 people, the big difference was having to use normal driving mode instead of ECO, which reduces the power to 30 hp.

Dacia spring

Driving and autonomy

In a nutshell, the Dacia Spring wasn’t built for highway speeds all the time. However, it handles very well, and has good insulation and a soft comfort-oriented suspension.

That said, it’s in urban driving that the model shines. With smooth suspension response and highly efficient engine consumption.

I can say that over the days I have practically forgotten that the engine has “only” 44 hp, and in a very curious way the simplicity of driving has managed to anchor itself in everyday driving. Ultimately, we have a small, lightweight electric car here, with good ground clearance and even a hill-start assist system.

In fact, I found myself liking Dacia Spring a lot more than I expected. Despite its size, in this more expensive version at around €19,300 we have synthetic leather seats, a rear camera, rear sensors and even emergency braking included.

Dacia spring

In terms of consumption, according to the company, the average is around 11 kWh per 100 km and it was very close to this average that the range was around. That is to say with the its 26.8 kWh battery pack, I’ve always managed to get around 210-240km per charge in town and mixed. Be careful though, everything will take into account the number of people you take with you, your way of driving, and the way in which you will benefit from the regeneration of the brakes.

However, this Dacia Spring can be loaded by fast chargers with charging power up to 30kW. In numbers, it takes approx. 1 hour from 0-100% or approximately 30 minutes from 0-80%. However, when we talk about your Mains charger in addition, the figures can reach up to 14 hours from 0 to 100%.

Dacia spring

Dacia spring


Dacia spring

In short, the Dacia Spring is undoubtedly the cheapest and smallest SUV on the market. Something far from a negative statement! After all, it is one of the most efficient models on the market, due to its combination of weight and power.

On top of all that, the interior space is sufficient and the 300L luggage compartment is the envy of many cars, some even bigger.

So, finally, if you are looking for an effective offer for daily use in the city with the lowest possible cost, here is the solution. After all, I already had a lot of people interested in this exact model which starts at €17,700 up to €19,300 in this variant with more extras.

If you are interested in this offer, find more details on the official Dacia website, Click on here.

Besides, what do you think? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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