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In terms of our new motto (call to action), that means whether you’re a customer needing help with household chores and minor repairs, or a worker looking for flexible hours with a high income potential under your own direction, the answer is always the same: Just Task. The phrase also ends up attesting to the simplicity and ease of use of Taskrabbit, a platform people can trust to improve their homes and lives.

Visually, our goal was to recreate existing colors with a clearer, contemporary and minimalist approach. We adapt colors and font for modern devices, screens and channels. The new palette, named after houseplants – monstera, fern, pampas and lily – represents the feeling of a job well done. The typeface we use now, Inter, is very versatile, customizable, accessible, and web-friendly. All of this, combined with the slogan ”Just Task”, will show our simplicity, our connection, our quality and our confidence.

TaskRabbit entered Portugal in 2020. How do you see the platform evolving in the country?

We have experienced fantastic growth in our first year in Portugal. We are very pleased with the results – we have already accelerated over 140,000 appointments. I believe we relate to the market very positively and frankly exceeded our own expectations in terms of job and customer registration. Currently in Portugal, our platform has over 5,500 registered jobs covering virtually all postal codes in mainland Portugal and Madeira.

And how does it stand out in the market, compared to other options?

Having competition is healthy for any business and makes it grow. However, among our competitors, we believe that Taskrabbit is the undisputed leader due to our global presence, our relationship with IKEA and the breadth of our service offering.

We are very proud of our business model, which actively encourages entrepreneurship and gives tasks the power of autonomy. Taskers find us an attractive proposition, as we provide them with a direct way to earn money, while having control and being able to define their income, in a market where the hourly wage is low compared to other countries Europeans.

On the other hand, on the other side of the market, we have had great interest from customers, which has been interesting and a key factor in our strong growth. Customers have surprised us by showing interest in categories that aren’t typically Taskrabbit’s core areas. For example, one of the most requested categories is cleaning service. This contrasts with other European countries where cleaning is not as much in demand. Therefore, we are constantly analyzing how to adapt our platform to meet the needs of the Portuguese market.

Another strength is the extremely strong relationship we have with IKEA in Portugal. This relationship puts us in a very good position for growth in the country, as IKEA has a very strong brand affinity and presence here. IKEA employees do a great job selling Taskrabbit’s assembly services to customers who tell them they need a helping hand assembling their furniture. By offering this affordable solution, we were able to meet the needs of IKEA customers and support the goals of both companies. It is a true collaborative partnership.

How do you think the Portuguese look at the brand? Already recognized?

We recently carried out a consumer survey in Portugal which showed that the market potential is huge. Among our main audience segment, we have a brand recognition level of 43%, after only 18 months of presence in Portugal.

How do you intend to further communicate the brand in Portugal?

Our approach is influenced and tailored to the needs of the Portuguese, whether it’s people in Porto needing help with cleaning services, customers in the Algarve who need seasonal support tailored to the demands of the tourism, or IKEA customers looking for help with tasks that go beyond building construction.

Therefore, together with our local marketing team (based in Lisbon) and our PR agency, we develop campaigns to highlight our services seasonally and regionally. On the other hand, we also work with influencers who we believe reflect the needs of our customers.

Is it different from talking to clients and tasks?

There is no doubt that the two sides of our market have very different needs, but we believe this can be summed up in the central message of the campaign: ”Just Task”. Part of the reason for building a unified brand is to ensure that we celebrate and honor the company’s key message: neighbors helping each other.

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