Artichoke: 9 health benefits

The artichoke is a medicinal plant rich in water, fiber and flavonoids. In addition, it contains good amounts of vitamins and minerals. This gives it an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, probiotic and antidyspeptic action. In general, the artichoke contains vitamins A, C, B2, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and magnesium. It is low in calories, helps control hunger and prevents diseases such as obesity, heart attacks and diabetes.

Artichokes can be eaten in different ways: boiled, grilled, roasted, in salads, soups, juices or infusions.

This flower has several benefits, but the top 9 are:

  1. Promotes weight loss;
  2. Lowers cholesterol;
  3. Prevents diabetes;
  4. Controls high blood pressure;
  5. Reduces wrinkles and sagging skin;
  6. Detoxifies the liver;
  7. Fights constipation;
  8. Strengthens immunity;
  9. Aid in digestion.

benefits of artichoke

Promotes weight loss

Artichokes are high in inulin, a fiber found in many vegetables that helps with weight loss. Foods containing this fiber are digested more slowly, prolonging the feeling of satiety and decreasing hunger. In addition, since it contains low amounts of calories and promotes the elimination of excess body fluids, the artichoke is an excellent option to add to weight loss diet menus.

Lowers cholesterol

First, as it is rich in fiber, such as inulin and pectin, the artichoke helps reduce the absorption of fat and increase its elimination through the stool. It helps lower cholesterol levels.wrongand total blood cholesterol. On a second level, this flower is rich in antioxidant compounds, such as flavonoids, carotenoids and vitamin C, which prevent the formation of free radicals and prevent the formation of fatty plaques in the blood.

prevent diabetes

Artichoke is a low glycemic index food because it contains high amounts of fiber and protein. Thus, it helps regulate blood sugar and insulin levels, thereby preventing diabetes.

Control high blood pressure

Eating potassium-rich foods, such as artichokes, increases urine production, which removes excess sodium from the body. It helps to control and prevent high blood pressure. Its antioxidants also help maintain healthy arteries due to inhibition of excessive free radical production.

Reduces wrinkles and sagging skin

The fight against free radicals, also boosted by the bioactive compounds of this flower, increases the production of collagen, reduces wrinkles and sagging. In addition, the artichoke is rich in fiber that balances blood sugar, prevents cell inflammation and, therefore, sagging and premature aging.

Detoxify the liver

Artichokes are an excellent source of antioxidant compounds that protect the liver and help eliminate toxins from the body through urine, feces or sweat.

Fight constipation

Because it is rich in fiber and water, this plant helps in the formation of fecal cake and the elimination of feces, being an excellent food to fight against constipation. Artichokes are also high in inulin, a type of prebiotic fiber that feeds the beneficial bacteria in your gut, keeping your gut flora healthy.

Boosts immunity

Packed with vitamins, especially vitamin C, eating artichokes boosts immunity. In addition, as it is a source of iron, it is an ally in the treatment of anemia.

Aid in digestion

Daily consumption of artichoke leaf extract can improve digestion. So says a study of 247 indigestion sufferers. After consuming artichoke leaf extract daily for 6 weeks, these people had a reduction in symptoms such as flatulence. It was because of cynarin, a compound in artichokes that speeds up intestinal transit and improves fat digestion. Also, due to the presence of tannins, eating food can fight food poisoning.


The artichoke is considered a safe food, with few contraindications, especially when cooked. THE exception to this rule is the case of pregnant women and of breastfeeding women. It is important to emphasize that these benefits are obtained by maintaining a balanced diet and practicing regular physical exercises.

According to DECO PROTEST, when choosing, favor meaty and heavy artichokeswith tight green leaves. They can be stored in the refrigerator for 1 weekbut you should avoid storing it after cooking, as it generates substances that cause flatulence.

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