Corinthians seek a draw against América-MG, but lose the Brazilian’s management to Palmeiras

O Corinthians received América-MG on Sunday night, played badly, started behind the scoreboard, but looked for a 1-1 draw, at the Neo Química Arena, for the eighth round of the Brazilian Championship. With the result, however, he fell to second place in the table.

This happened because the Palmeiras won the classic against Santos earlier and took the lead – the rival and Timão have 15 points, but Alviverde has greater balance (eight to four). The rabbit was in 11th position.

The first half was once again quite disappointing, with big problems with the ball and few attempts on goal – just two shots, harmless. Coelho, on the other hand, had three clear chances, with a defense from Cássio, putting pressure on the home side.

Little changed in the second leg, with more chances for the visitors to open the scoring, which happened in the 21st minute, with a header from Aloísio. However, Gustavo Silva let it all down even near the 40th minute, when Timão pressed but couldn’t turn.

Corinthians’ next game will only take place on Saturday, against Atlético-GO, at the Antônio Accioly stadium, in Goiânia, from 8:30 p.m. (Brasília time). América-MG will host Cuiabá on the same day, but a little earlier, at 4:30 p.m. (GMT).

The game – Well studied start of the two teams, without effective opportunity. América-MG fired a free kick at the entrance to the surface at three minutes, without danger. Timão showed his will and his will to collect the balls in the midfield and, ten minutes later, the first shot on goal, by Renato Augusto, stopped by the defense, after a collective game between Willian, Róger Guedes and the shirt 8 .

The answer came in the 12th minute, with a shot from Lucas Kal, deflected by the defense, which hit Cássio’s crossbar. Shortly after, Willian yellowed Gustavinho when he was fouled on the counterattack. The duel continued to be contested, with Jailson opening a free-kick from Renato Augusto in the 21st minute.

Coelho’s main chance came in the 25th minute, after a series of failures from the alvinegra defense, which could not get the ball out of the small area – Aloísio tried a bicycle, which went near the goal. In the sequence, Cássio made his first save, on a kick from Lucas Kal.

Alvinegro, on the other hand, kept trying, but without success, especially with Willian being better on the pitch. Shirt 10, however, was replaced late in the first half by Adson, due to this lack of Kal, who put his ankle on. Shortly after, Aloísio throws a hat to Cássio and stuffs the net, but the offside is scored.

Coming back from the break, Maycon and Gustavo Silva took the place of Roni and Júnior Moraes. Early on, Rafael Ramos dribbled past the opposing player on the right and threw it at Róger Guedes, but the ball ended up clipping. Shortly after, Aloísio, alone in the small area, walked into the hands of Cássio.

From a free kick in front of goal, Luan Patrick sent it into the right corner of the 12 shirt, but the ball grazed the outside. Cássio reappeared in the 17th minute, when Juninho deflected a cross. The answer came in another Timão free-kick with Renato Augusto, but the ball was calmly in Jailson’s hands.

At 21, after having deserved before, América-MG finally reached the goal from a corner, when Aloísio went higher and headed into the back of the net. The 32-year-old Adson took advantage of a Minas Gerais hesitation inside the defense and won the ball back, but took a long time to kick, being stopped.

At a better moment, Corinthians managed to get the equalizer after a Maycon corner, when the ball fell on Róger Guedes, defended by Jailson. On the rebound, Gustavo Silva left anyway. Timão repeated a reaction, but the score didn’t change – Coelho still got a free kick in the end, with Cássio’s defense sending him into the corner.



Square: Neo Quimica Arena, in São Paulo (SP)
Date: May 29, 2022, Sunday
Time: 6 p.m. (from Brasilia)
Arbitrator: Anderson Daronco (FIFA-SC)
helpers: Rafael da Silva Alves (Fifa-RS) and Michael Stanislau (RS)
VAR: Pablo Ramon Gonçalves Pinheiro (RN)
yellow cards: Gustavinho (America-MG); Maycon and Gil (Corinthians)
GOALS: América-MG: Aloísio, after 21 minutes; Corinthians: Gustavo Silva, 36 in the second half.
Total audience: 35,122 // Paying audience: 34,922 fans
Revenue: BRL2,164,285.50

CORINTHIANS: Cassius; Rafael Ramos, Gil and Raul Gustavo and Fábio Santos (Lucas Piton); Du Queiroz, Roni (Maycon) and Renato Augusto (Giuliano); Willian (Adson), Róger Guedes and Júnior Moraes (Gustavo Silva). Technician:Victor Pereira.

AMERICA-MG: Jail ; Patric, Iago Maidana (Gustavo Marques), Luan Patrick and Marlon; Alê, Juninho (Zé Ricardo) and Lucas Kal; Gustavinho (Pedrinho), Felipe Azevedo (Rodriguinho) and Aloisio (Henrique Almeida). Technician: Vagner Mancini.

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