“There are expectations and preconceived ideas about how to be (and how to dress) and this is transversal to children” – ECO

In early 2019, Zippy launched a genderless collection, two years later, the brand launched the Equality of Genius. Filipa Bello, head of brand and creation at Zippy, explains the initiative.

At the beginning of 2019, Zippy, a children’s clothing brand from the Sonae universe, launched a genderless collection. The controversy over the pieces of clothing, which could be worn by both girls and boys, began on social networks and also took up space in the media. Two years later, the brand took advantage of Children’s Day to launch the Equality of Geniuses initiative. This is a new genderless collection, in partnership with artist Another Angelo, and also an evolving statue, which will start as a baby and will be updated over time, following the growth of a kid.

The concept of the campaign is signed Stream and Tough Guy and Adagietto works on the communication. In an interview with ECO, Filipa Bello, brand & creative manager from Zippy, explains the action.

In 2019, Zippy launched a genderless collection. The controversy generated forced the brand to guarantee in a press release that there was “no association with any ideologies or movements whatsoever”. They will again launch a genderless collection. What are the main objectives?

At the time, in fact, when we launched this collection, we had no associated intention. However, the way it was received by public opinion has given us proof of this. There are indeed expectations and preconceived ideas about how to be (and how to dress) that we impose on everyone – and this is transversal to children. It made us think about the importance of each, as a society, showing the little ones that they have the same potential to be themselves and that, from birth, they have enormous potential to become geniuses, ” genius” to choose their own path and show their identity, their interests, their passions and their vocations in the fields they love. Basically, what we want as a brand is to reflect, with families, on the little “geniuses” we all have at home and on the enormous potential that each child represents – to celebrate equality and genius of each and promote individuality and inclusion. .

The genre/genius pun makes the action more provocative. What are the expectations? Why this option?

Challenging? Maybe. Motivate society, families and the little ones to reflect on the genius of everyone outside the standards what we are used to looks like a challenge, yes, but not so much a provocation. The conversation is mostly geared towards inclusion.

Genius Equality is a movement and a tribute from Zippy to the equal potential with which we are all born to become true geniuses, talents and examples in the most diverse fields – as long as they are the ones we are passionate about -, without limiting ourselves to expectations that society has set for each of us based on our gender, socio-cultural background, among others. This is where the play on words comes from, which materializes in a concept that “envelops” three essential dimensions to reinforce unity Zippy: first, it incorporates the brand’s goal of promoting creativity and freedom in human relationships, whether children or adults; secondly, it considers the artistic universe as the maximum manifestation of originality and brings fashion art closer to people’s daily life; finally, it focuses on a social context in which disruptive issues such as gender ideology, discrimination and related inequalities are debated. When we talk about Genius Equality, we focus on what really matters.

“We have taken a stand when it comes to integrating and celebrating new forms of parenting and this campaign is part of that same path – knowing that it may be bolder communication, but we think it is important and urgent that this be done.”

Launching Genius Equality is a risk taken… What is the logic? What are the pros and cons of going ahead with the initiative?

Maybe we wouldn’t call it a risk, because at Zippy we always work with one goal: to be with families and to be a real family partner – and that means speaking out on these issues and being an active voice when it comes to calling for inclusion, individuality and equality. We’ve taken a stand when it comes to integrating and celebrating new forms of parenting and this campaign is part of that same path – knowing that it can be bolder communication, but we think it’s important and urgent to do so. The positives are immense, but I can identify at least one immediately, which is the one that moves us with this action: bringing society and families together to discuss such a divisive topic as inclusion and individuality – and especially doing it with the youngest from an educational point of view. In this sense, and when we work with this intention, the “cons” do not seem to exist: the educational and reflective perspective that we intend to help trigger is intended to be positive for everyone.

What are the additional challenges of communicating a brand target childish?

Zippy is a brand that communicates with families – only in this way can we strengthen our positioning as solidarity. Above all, we believe that we can make a difference by finding and creating ways to truly be with families and to be part of them, because it is a way for them to identify with us – and that is what we always try to do through our communication too, naturally. Ultimately, we want to communicate and talk to all families.

How will you communicate the collection?

This campaign can be followed in different formats and media, as we intend to get this message across to as many people as possible. The emphasis is on digital, with a strong component on social networks, but we will also communicate through a strategy of marketing of influence and press office. In addition, we are also investing in a landing page dedicated to the campaign, where you can learn more about the actions that we are going to develop and have access to the collection.

At offline, we followed up the campaign with communication in the country’s 55 stores. On June 1 we will also have an action at the Centro Comercial Colombo, which will include a round table where the theme of Genius Equality will be discussed and discussed, with the main actors of the campaign and some public figures and stakeholders pertinent. This will be when we celebrate Children’s Day with a tribute to all children – we will build the world’s first evolving statue.

Upgradable statue?

The evolving statue is our homage to children and the genius within them. We are used to seeing statues erected only for adults and only associate them as talented or an example when they are already at that stage of life. With this campaign we want to show that we believe that genius is born with us and that everyone has one, you just have to find it. That’s why, on Children’s Day, we inaugurated a statue that starts as a baby and grows from year to year.

From the day we inaugurate this statue, we intend to have an asset of undeniable value that materializes the entire campaign and that will occupy an emotional place in our collective memory.

Back to the advertising campaign. It will be in what means and how the budget?

We are betting on a 360 campaign. With a strong digital presence, through social networks and marketing of influence, but we also have an important job in the press office, further strengthening the presence offline through our national network of stores. In addition, the event that we are organizing and which will take place on June 1 is also a very strong element of our communication for this campaign.

How much will you invest in this action to mark Children’s Day?

This initiative is one of Zippy’s main communication moments for the year 2022 and represents an extremely important step in our communication and commercial strategy. In that sense, we are naturally very focused on its execution and there is a big bet in this campaign.

Going back to 2019, what is the record of the Happy collection? In sales but also in brand awareness.

You could say that we had a very positive balance between sales and brand visibility when we launched the Happy collection – but it was actually something totally organic and something we didn’t expect. However, we believe it opened the door for us as to why we speak today.

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