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The best information technology courses are those that offer an excellent curriculum that is truly satisfying. But what are the best courses in the field here in Brazil? Is it worth taking such a course or not? What are the fees charged by educational institutions? Can you study remotely and work in an IT company?

More and more professionals who work with the Internet and technology are increasing in number and bank accounts. An IT professional nowadays, working in a good company, earns no less than R$7,000.00 per month. Of course, there will be professionals in the sector who find this value absurdly high, but it is the national average.

Without forgetting those who learn English and explore the world with their profession, which is increasingly in demand by large companies. To give you an idea, Ireland literally recruits foreigners who are professional programmers, without the need for courses, just experience and a command of English.

In addition to receiving an extraordinarily higher value for the currency being different from ours, the country grants the possibility, in the long term, to receive a permanent visa, to stay in the country for an indefinite period, even after leaving work. in question. .

That is why in today’s content we are going to talk about the best courses in information technology, so that you can compare them not only in value, but also in the quality of teaching that is used for students taking the course in question. Follow us on this reading and learn more, let’s go!

What are the best information technology courses?

Information system

If you are passionate about math, or just love the subject and dream of working in IT, then this is the most suitable course to take. The Information System course covers a wide range of content on storing and organizing software information in general.

The focus is on building and organizing systems, and it’s even possible to work with game development. The maintenance of the private web networks of large companies is also part of this course, that is to say that there is a good chance of filling your pockets with money by working, for example, for a multinational.

Out of curiosity, an IT professional trained in this course starts with an average salary of R$4,000.00, but can triple in less than 5 years of experience. So is this your course?

Information Technology Management

The IT management course is one of the most sought after courses in the market today, and it could not be excluded from our list of best information technology courses. This is one of the areas that most needs trained professionals, not only in Brazil, but also abroad.

Here, the professional is part of the IT management of a company in its daily life: assistance with possible physical or digital problems, organization of a company’s data on cloud storage servers, among other details that make the chain digital enterprise always continues to be on and turning.

The starting salary is already a bit better, starting at around R$5,500.00 monthly, and can reach an incredible R$20,000.00 in mid-career or even earlier.

Engineering computer Science

A little less online and a little more hands-on are computer engineers. It is also a course that cannot be missing in any content that talks about the best information technology courses, after all, without these professionals there is no network to work with.

They are the ones who assemble and disassemble computers and large web networks, and can also intervene online in the initial phase of installing a new PC. To get an idea of ​​the need for this professional, there are large companies that only work by outsourcing professionals of this type, who travel to large companies to install and repair PCs.

Salary? Slightly larger than IT Manager, reaching R$7,000.00 per month. However, in the long term, the increase is not the greatest, reaching an average of R$12,000.00 per month.


Rounding out our content of the best information technology courses, we have the programming course. It is one of the most branched out, as there are several smaller courses that only explain one programming language individually. The most recommended thing is to learn all languages, especially if you want a job abroad.

This is one of the best salaries on the market: a programmer can start with the incredible sum of BRL 10,000.00 per month and go up to BRL 30,000.00, especially if working abroad. Therefore, it is one of the courses that is most worth taking, especially if you want to go abroad. Don’t forget to take an English course to become even better at what you do. Next!

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