Bottroper Sparkasse veteran retires

Burkhard Klanten started his apprenticeship at Sparkasse Bottrop 45 years ago. He is now retiring from the board.

In 1977, Burkhard Klanten began his apprenticeship at Sparkasse Bottrop – on May 31, 2022, almost exactly 45 years later, he will retire as a member of the board of directors. It’s not for nothing that the Sparkasse Bottrop is called a “veteran” who is now saying goodbye. It is the end of a career that is certainly extraordinary and perhaps not necessarily obvious these days.

After graduating as a savings bank manager from the Savings Bank Academy in Münster in 1984, he completed his studies at the Institute for Municipal Savings Banks and Credit Systems in Bonn barely three years later, with such success that he received a scholarship to the United States of America. America.

The euro crisis and the low interest rate phase also cause problems for Sparkasse Bottrop

In 1987 he was appointed head of the secretariat of the Sparkasse board of directors, and in 1995 he first became an alternate member of the board of directors. On January 1, 2001, the board of directors appointed him as an alternate member of the board of directors and from October 1, 2005 he was – until the end – a member of the board of directors of Sparkasse Bottrop.

His tenure did not come at an easy time. The euro crisis and low interest rates disturbed the banks and the Sparkasse. When he said goodbye, he said: “He led the future-oriented positioning of Sparkasse Bottrop together with his colleague Thomas Schmidt for almost 22 years and leaves behind a very healthy savings bank, despite the most difficult conditions.”

The successor to the board of directors is also a local Sparkasse Bottrop

But it also required difficult, sometimes painful, decisions. Sparkasse Bottrop closed some branches during this time, most recently in 2015 the decision was made to give up four branches. At the same time, Sparkasse Bottrop’s business volume rose from 0.9 billion euros in 2001 to 1.5 billion euros. “The change in equity from 165 million to 210 million also shows that Klanten leaves a well-positioned bank and puts the future of Sparkasse in good hands with his successor Jan Schäfer,” said Sparkasse.

Appropriate in this context: Klanten’s successor is also a local Sparkasse Bottrop and also lives here in the city. He learned the savings bank business from scratch. After completing his training at Sparkasse Bottrop, the father of the family was responsible for the accounting and finance/risk control department for several years.

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