Jacqueline Guez, a “precious woman” who provokes fate with cash

Born in 2015 from the brain of Edith Semmani, whose core activity is communication, the contest “Precious Women” is “a project from the heart” with the aim of sharing and exchanging “with the hope of awakening in young people the desire to surpass and undertake”, the designer explains on her site.

Of the ten prizes awarded to exceptional women, one was created to broaden the link with the region, the “Ile Vanille” trophy, which integrated Mauritius and Rodrigues, and extended this year to Mayotte. IT was awarded to Jacqueline Guez, manager of Clap Production. A choice that is not unimportant, given the winner’s politically correct profile.

“I didn’t expect it, I don’t even know how they heard about me,” she confides to us over the phone, having just landed in Mayotte. Surely the Colocs earthquake will have reached more than the coast of Reunion, to invade homes, and not just the Mayotte community of Reunion.

And it is also true to her candor that she makes a short speech at the awards ceremony next Sunday: “For once, Mayotte is represented in Reunion in good, where our territory remains mysterious, sometimes leaving the press and not in good! A confused and diffused laughter runs through the room. And it was precisely this prize in a difficult context that characterized him, “what struck me most was that the relations between Reunion and Mayotte are complicated, and that they nevertheless pay attention to the reasons people move in Mayotte. And that they chose me, who says things bluntly, is unbelievable. †

During the presentation of the “Precious Women” trophies

She created a cinema fair

The event is sponsored by the Reunion Region and several major Reunionese companies.

With her weapon, the camera… and humor, she wants to be the standard-bearer of women’s commitment: “I want to put into words the ills of my society”. This is what happened in the episodes of ‘Colocs!’ where 4 girls remade the world, their world, breaking the codes to find their place between tradition and modernity. One of them came from a neighborhood of sheet metal huts in Kawéni, “I want to show that too”.

As a result, she can also be financially supported by the city policy, the delegation for women’s rights. “I’m waiting for France TV’s response to season 2 of ‘Colocs!’ to launch. †

Meanwhile, Jacqueline Guez is working to create a real cinema sector in Mayotte, and for that young people had to be encouraged to start these studies in metropolitan France or in Réunion. “I have set up a grant that will each yield 1,500 euros for 4 young people who will embark on this audiovisual path, because buying their equipment, cameras, editing software is not a trivial task. We need to create a local workforce. It is the first time that a private sector has supported the start of a sector in this way.

And with her prize in hand, the young woman dreams on, “that of a film studio in Mayotte”.

Anne Perzo Lafond

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