(Repeat) 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe – The 2.2 CRDI engine impresses!

Hyundai is a manufacturer that has shown incredible evolution over time. Go from cars that have gone unnoticed among the competition to much more interesting offers, in several super important aspects, such as design, technology and of course price.

After all, for the past few years, this manufacturer has been renewing almost all of its fleet, with a clear (and good) commitment to electrification!

I can say that currently there are models for the most varied tastes of buyers. From economical and small petrol variants, to electrified and 100% electric offers, passing through the “N” range, which is much sportier and therefore out of the box.

However, after all this, the truth is that we have the new Hyundai Santa Fe in our hands again. An incredible 7-seater SUV, which has now received a new look and finishes full of attention to detail, almost everywhere.

Well… In my opinion, the Hyundai Santa Fe is top of the line in the 7-seater SUV range.

So, know that this time we were guaranteed the CRDI diesel variant, instead of the HEV hybrid of the last test. In terms of numbers, the big difference here is that the HEV variant It has two motors (1.6 turbo + electric motor) with a combined total of 230 hp against the 202 hp from the 2.2-liter turbo diesel engine of the trial version.

But which is the most impressive, and where is it the most impressive? let’s go for rooms!

After all, the truth is that from paper to test drives, there is a palpable difference.

Santa Claus FE 2022

(Repeat) 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe – The 2.2 CRDI diesel engine impresses!


Well, to know our review in detail, you can go to the previous test on Santa Fe HEV, just click here.

However, in summary, the truth is that no one was indifferent to the new generation of the Hyundai Santa FE. We have a very beautiful line which greatly underlines the robustness of the car and it is felt even in the passenger compartment. After all, the Santa Fe is top of the line at Hyundai and the feeling, in addition to greatness on the road, is that we’re in for one of the best and most comprehensive offerings on the market.

Santa Claus FE 2022


The truth is we have a interior and exterior full of detail and attention to detail. However, in addition to the attention to detail, there is also the choice of materials used here which are of a premium model.

The emphasis on the interior is the extensive use of leather throughout and Alcantara fabric on the pillars and even on the roof, the detail of which we have here to be panoramic. And what a panoramic roof! It crosses the entire upper part of this SUV and is mobile, with the possibility of being lifted or even folded, leaving the roof half open.

Santa Claus FE 2022

Santa Claus FE 2022

We have everything we need and not even the wireless charging has been omitted from this Santa Fe CDRI. In fact, I can even use a common 220v charger. After all, just because there’s only “diesel” doesn’t mean the AC 220v socket at the rear of the vehicle.

This is one of the most elegant and practical center consoles I have ever seen from Hyundai!

Santa Claus FE 2022

But now for the numbers!

Knowing that we have already tested the Hyundai Santa Fe HEV, the big question that remains is: Which should I choose, the HEV hybrid or the common CRDI 2.2 diesel engine?

Well, first, let’s get to the numbers and details of the two engines:

  • THE HEV variant has a union between a 1.6 turbo engine of 180 hp petrol with a electric motor 60 hp of power, in a total 230 hp combined.
  • THE diesel variant has a 2.2 CRDI turbo engine able to reach the 202 hp full power!

Well, both cars are equipped with an excellent dual-clutch automatic transmission. Interestingly, in both variants they will not realize that you are driving a heavy and huge SUV weighing 2 tons. And this is guaranteed by the animosity of the two engines and the eight-speed automatic gearbox of the CDRI engine.

Santa Claus FE 2022

2022 Hyundai Santa Fe 2.2 CRDI awesome all around but brilliant on the highway!

Although the hybrid variant has additional starting aid and ease of use in higher traffic thanks to the electric motor, the diesel variant is not far behind. By the way, the 2.2 CRDI engine is incredible to drive, even in traffic and in urban environments, but there is one place where the engine shines.

I speak, nothing more and nothing less than on the highway! After all, we have a box here 8-speed DCT and 440nm of torque which guarantee to reach 200 km/h without too much effort and it shows.

Santa Claus FE 2022

Besides the highway, driving the Santa Fe CDRI in the Sintra mountains was also a real pleasure!

I always found myself putting this Hyundai Santa Fe into the highest gear possible. With the intention of feeling the pull of the engine’s enormous torque, the result is the “waking up” of a mighty giant that lies under the hood and the characteristic sound of the turbo filling and decompressing.

The feeling is incredibly great on the road, especially since you don’t realize the weight of this SUV, which weighs around two tonnes.

Santa Claus FE 2022

Conclusion – 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe 2.2 CRDI

First of all, know that we have a lot more to say about the new Hyundai Santa FE, click here and read our full review.

That said, like its hybrid sibling, this diesel offering managed to surprise from day one of use. Although it is only diesel, the premium feeling is guaranteed. Common great comfort, ease of use everywhere and a lot of power and strength always available at all times.

In my opinion, it manages to outperform the electrified offering in some areas, like big, long highway trips. Without any effort, he walked around the 6.8l per 100 km travelled.

Santa Claus FE 2022

Santa Claus FE 2022 Santa Claus FE 2022

Therefore, I can say that in the version loaded with extras here being tested, I felt no compromise in quality. This way we stay away from hard plastics and with quality soundproofing.

In short, for those looking for a large 7-seater SUV that is practical, without compromise, full of technology, comfort and greatness on the road, the Hyundai Santa Fe 2.2 CRDI is an excellent choice to consider. Even so, we must also bear in mind that to buy this model we have prices starting from € 54,000. But all of this includes 7 year unlimited mileage warranty.

If you are interested in the 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe, check out this and many other engines and offers on the brand’s official website. Click on here.

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