Vítor Pereira acknowledges difficulties against América-MG and comments on expectations for Brasileirão

After another draw and a performance below expectations due to his team, Corinthians coach Vítor Pereira gave a press conference and was more direct than at other times. The Portuguese assessed the match against América-MG and also spoke about the upcoming working week, since the next opponent will only be the following Saturday.

“A string of hard matches is an accumulation that comes… There are several matches that we play every three days, complicated. This Championship is not easy, the teams and the players have qualities, they play in different ways and today (Sunday) we caught up with a team that demanded a stronger dynamic and forced us to open spaces, which we always had trouble responding to the opponent’s game. I have no problem admitting that our game was not good,” he began.

“I want to strengthen the team spirit in the last part of the match, that only the union of the group is possible, we managed to achieve equality. Therefore, to praise this, it was not for lack of delivery, it was for difficulties in the dynamic. very fresh, nil, with a very strong dynamic to get the three points. It will be a week to analyze the matches, the difficulties we had, recover the players and our defensive and offensive dynamics,” he added.

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Regarding the fall in the standings – Timão is now in third place, behind Palmeiras and Atlético-MG – the coach spoke about expectations for the season.

“What I see is that we always have to improve our level. If we stay united, if we don’t lose the confidence, which is fundamental, in ourselves, in the group, if we continue to work, we’re going to evolve. They’ll gain more maturity and we’ll go… I can’t make any predictions, I have no idea if, in eight rounds, we’ll play in the leading group or lose capacity . I can’t predict the future , I don’t have a crystal ball. I believe in my work”.

Corinthians’ next match will only take place on Saturday, against Atlético-GO, at the Antônio Accioly stadium, in Goiânia, from 8:30 p.m. (Brasilia time). América-MG receives Cuiabá on the same day, but a little earlier, at 4:30 p.m. (GMT).

See other excerpts from the collective of Vítor Pereira:

Consecutive draws

“A draw with Boca was not negative, in terms of results. Then the draw with Internacional was not negative either. It’s not humanly possible to win every game. We don’t have team (to win them all). good players, we tried to respond in this sequence. Against Always Ready, I clearly say that it was a negative result. We created three clear chances to score, there “We had a lack of efficiency. We had more than enough to win the game, but it didn’t happen. We created a lot of situations, we had a lot of dynamics. Against Internacional, it was very difficult. Every away point in this Championship is not a (bad) result, as long as we win at home. Against São Paulo, it’s a team that will beat us (front) at home or away. The first half is for São Paulo and the second is more ours. The sequence of matches, we have no solutions in terms of quantity and in quality that allow us to win all the games. Today, we needed a stronger dynamic, to be fresher… This is the great difficulty of this championship. Some changes had to be improvised, no side, took away a bit of quality, as I explained, no problems to talk about it. Now it’s time to take advantage of this week of work, it’s something that doesn’t happen, to take advantage of it to recover injured players, who are important, who would add us. Improve our momentum to win games again.”

Cast assembly

“When I accepted the Corinthians invitation, I accepted the Corinthians team, I accepted the challenge. It’s not the perfect team, it’s a team that when you have three or four injured… They add more to the game. If they are punished with violent tackles, if they are not punished with red cards, my players will often be out. Willian is always punished. We know, at the club, that Willian in certain positions. You have to look at the reality of the club, make an analysis and, in a moment, try to reinforce this or that position, if possible. Otherwise, it’s to recover the injured and continue the evolution of the grassroots youth. (Borrowed) You also have to look at them, all the possibilities”.

4-3-3 system

“We started to rationalize our 4-3-3, then we lost Fagner, Rafael (Ramos) had this problem. We had some difficulties with some opponents and considered an alternative system. In the short time we we had, we energized the alternative system. This alternation allowed us to score points and win games and it affected the dynamics of the 4-3-3 a bit.”

No understanding of variations

“I’m probably not making myself understood. We started to have some difficulties from an attacking point of view in the 4-3-3, the opponent left with a certain ease and forced us to step back several meters. Work on the other system was working on our difficulties Because the dynamics of 4-3-3 and 3-4-3 are different, the culture perhaps needs more maturation, more time to work (to understand What I mean is that the alternation has somewhat taken away the dynamic of the 4-3-3, being aware of that, we will have to come back to insist more on the 4-3-3, but punctually , when the matches require it, we will have to play in 3-4-3, and we will have to prepare for it”.

planning of the week

This week, we will have a dynamic that will effectively allow us to work the four moments of the game plus set pieces in a balanced way, which does not allow us to have a short week. In the small week, the team that played must recover and then we are already on the eve of the next match. With the others, we call the base players… We have a training session to play the team that has no longer played the base players for the next game. This week we will have the opportunity, for one day, to focus more on one thing and then on the other, but to improve defensively and offensively. Willian playing just outside becomes a more predictable player. I ask to change. With the experience he has, he has the ability to play inside or outside and he has the tactical maturity to play in both systems. What worries me the most is that young people don’t understand the variation of system change. (…) We must give them time to understand, be patient, support. It is this growth that the Corinthians need. We won’t always win, we will have difficulties.”


A lot of individualized marking, a way of playing with a lot of individual pressure and of us without the fundamental dynamics of positional exchanges, of perception of spaces. It was difficult to give answers to the adversary. You have to be prepared because there are a lot of teams with this dynamic from a defensive point of view and you have to find the means to counter this type of opponent. Today we had difficulties. The substitutions were in the sense that they were easier.

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