“My dissertation in 180 seconds”: Alphanie Midelet represents France in the international final in Montreal

Of the 16 doctoral students who competed last night for the Lyon Labor Exchange during the French final of the popularization competition “My dissertation in 180 seconds”, five were rewarded by the jury, the public and the high school classes for the presentation of their research topics in three minutes flat.

  • Alphanie Mideleta doctoral student from the University of Grenoble Alpes in the Laboratory of Hypoxia and Cardiovascular and Respiratory Physiopathologies (Inserm/Grenoble Alpes University), received first prize from the jury for her performance on “Treatment of obstructive sleep apnea by continuous positive pressure: examining telemonitoring data to understand the impact of treatment changes and predict acute events.” It was presented to him by Manuel Tunon de Lara, President of the French Universities, and Antoine Petit, President and CEO of the CNRS. This award gives him a place for the international final in Montreal.

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I am very happy but also very surprised; today I mainly wanted to have fun, do my best for my family and my loved ones who were there. What I remember about MT180 is that the audience liked our presentations and we managed to get messages across. The biggest challenge for me was to make my speech lively and yet remain true, that it resembles me.

  • Oscar Cosserat, a doctoral student from the University of La Rochelle at the Laboratory of Environmental Sciences (CNRS/La Rochelle University), won the jury’s second prize, awarded by Frank Debouck, president of the ComUE University of Lyon, and Laurent Barbieri, regional delegate of the CNRS Rhone Auvergne. Oscar Cosserat’s thesis is entitled “Geometric Integrators in Poisson Geometry”.

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“I am very happy with this prize, the jury apparently judged that I had succeeded in explaining my work in mathematics. The My Thesis in 180 Seconds experience is really helpful, it gave me a way to disseminate my research work and math ideas through the history of science and humor. †

  • Maxime RobicPhD student of the University of Rennes 1 at the Institute for Research in Computer Science and Random Systems (CNRS/University of Rennes 1), received the third jury prize from Hélène Courtois, astrophysicist of the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, member of the Institut de physique des deux infinis de Lyon (CNRS/Université Lyon 1) and sponsor of the final, for the presentation of her thesis “Visual control of a constellation of satellites”.

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“There was a really warm, benevolent atmosphere between the PhD students. As the competition progressed, I took more and more pleasure in presenting my research and improving my presentation. This final was the apotheosis and this prize is the icing on the cake. †

  • Anais PerrichetPhD student at the University of Burgundy Franche-Comté in the laboratory Lipids, Nutrition, Cancer (University of Burgundy/Inserm/UBFC), won the audience award awarded by Paul Dequidt, doctor of signal and image processing, 1er Jury award and audience award for the MT180 National Final 2021. This award, which is the result of the votes of 3107 people, rewards the presentation of his thesis “Targeting of IL-1 to increase the effectiveness of chemo-immunotherapy in cancer”.

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“It was an incredible experience and this audience award is really heartwarming, it means I touched a lot of people with my presentation. †

  • Pierre Damien Fougoua doctoral student from the University of Bordeaux at the Institute of Research in Business and Heritage Law (University of Bordeaux), won the high school prize awarded by Jules and Louana, two students of the Lyon Academy, for the presentation of his dissertation on “Electronic Money in European, African Sub-Regional and OHADA Banking Spaces”.

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“It’s nice to know that the youngest appreciate what I do! What I also remember from this experience is that we all pushed ourselves to the top. †

The jury for the national final of the 2022 edition consisted of:

  • Isabelle Bonardi, Director of Pop’Sciences, ComUE University of Lyon;
  • Amélie Cordier, scientific director of Once for all;
  • Paul Dequidt, PhD in Signal and Image Processing, 1er Jury award and audience award for the MT180 National Final 2021;
  • Sophie Kern, CNRS researcher at the Dynamics of Language laboratory (CNRS/Lumière Lyon 2 University);
  • Axel Villard-Faure, scientific journalist and program manager at the Discovery & Knowledge department of ARTE France.

1200 people attended the Lyon Labor Exchange for the evening, including about 300 high school students. It is necessary to add 7800 views from internet users for the live broadcast.

Sponsored this year by astrophysicist Hélène Courtois, led by science journalists Emilie Martin du Fou and Pierre Girard, the national final of the popularization competition “My dissertation in 180 seconds” was organized by the French universities and the CNRS, together with the University of Lyon. It was labeled “Villeurbanne 2022, French Capital of Culture” and received support from Casden, Maif, MGEN, ARTE and Lyon Capitale.

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The 2022 winners of the contest “My thesis in 180 seconds”. From left to right: Pierre-Damien Fougou, Anaïs Perrichet, Alphanie Midelet, Maxime Robic, Oscar Cosserat.
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