Parcoursup: registration costs for certain courses

Parcoursup is a free service made available to prospective students by the Ministry of National Education… there is no fee to register and access the site. All you need is an INE number and an email address to access.

But YES, some courses require registration fees: explanation!

In the vast majority of cases, applicants are not charged fees throughout the entire process from January to September, but less than 5% of establishments are requesting “file examination fees”, “application fees” or even simpler “application fees” process your wish.

Also, if you are asked to pay registration fees even before your wishes are completed, it means that you are not on the official Parcoursup site, but on a site that provides a service to fill out the website for you. The official platform is accessible through the website:

When do you have to pay the Parcoursup application fee?

An establishment may ask you for “application fees” from the moment you choose it and validate your wish in Parcoursup. These costs relate to very few workouts, but they are indicated at the very top of the workout sheet as below. Some speak of a paid wish on Parcoursup… if there is no such mention, the application for this training is free.

Example of a training that asks an “application fee” of 95 euros – Grande Ecole public d’ingénieurs. Please read the training sheets carefully before validating your wish.

As soon as your wishes have been confirmed – after April 7, 2022 – you will be contacted by the training to pay these “application costs”. The fees must be paid separately to each institution you file for and the amounts are specific to each school/university/high school (approximately 30 to 200 euros).

As long as you have not validated your applications (confirmed the wish), you do not have to pay these application costs. But be careful, confirming a wish with clearly indicated registration fees on the training sheet obliges you to pay these Parcoursup file costs.

Why application fees?

What are the application costs via Parcoursup used for? The schools/training indicate that the registration fees are used to cover the administrative processing of applications. For the schools, these enrollment fees are also a guarantee of the seriousness of the student involved in the enrollment process. Paying the registration fee does not mean that you will actually be taken to the school. Registration fees are generally non-refundable in the event of non-admission or withdrawal.

A distinction must be made between registration fees and registration fees for study programmes.

These fees are separate from the actual registration fees you pay once you are actually admitted to the establishments.

> Application fee is only paid once, for an application, whether you are accepted or not.

> An annual registration fee or tuition fee is paid for the courses taken, only if you are accepted.

Administration costs Parcoursup: how much?

So you will sometimes have to pay registration fees in the establishments that really interest you. What types of fees can you expect depending on the type of school?

If some universities charge registration fees, that is absolutely not the rule. In public institutions and faculties you pay your registration fee as soon as you are admitted, without paying any administration costs.

There are no rules for private institutions.

If the application fees for the vast majority of these schools are systematic, their amount is highly variable. Usually you will be asked between 30 and 50 € to apply for private schools, BTS or IUT. These costs can amount to between 100 and 200 euros for

competitive exams that are common in business schools after the baccalaureate

† Please note: these application costs were already requested before these schools were on Parcoursup.

Application fees and scholarship students?

In some cases you will not have to pay these fees or reduced fees – you should contact directly the institution that can provide you with their home policy.

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