Positivo Servers & Solutions sees 40% increase in hybrid cloud solutions | SEG

Growth was achieved between 2020 and 2021 and driven by demands from the healthcare, government and energy sectors

Positivo Servers & Solutions, a company specializing in the production and sale of servers, storage, mini PCs and IT infrastructure for businesses and services, announces a 40% increase in the share of hybrid cloud solutions in its revenue 2021, compared to 2020 The results reinforce the growth trend of this market in 2022, as shown by the study IDC Predictions Brazil 2022, by IDC Brasil, which reports that hybrid environments, which include the Cloud and traditional IT resources, will be present in more than 70% of medium and large companies in Brazil by the end of this year.

According to Silvio Ferraz de Campos, CEO of Positivo Servers & Solutions, multicloud appliance solutions – which integrate computing, storage and networking in a single platform, being able to compose the several public clouds -, last year , have been more adopted, mainly , in the health, administration and energy sectors. “The hybrid solution becomes viable when the volume of stored data is very large,” says Silvio. In this case, the infrastructure should contain internal servers with high-capacity storage devices, cloud services and software that unify public, private and distributed clouds.

According to Campos, “In recent years, the increase in the volume of stored data has made companies feel the need to replace the physical infrastructure of their data centers with more modern and flexible solutions, in order to transfer their data faster and safely and without having to invest in new, more expensive equipment. In this scenario, multicloud appliances with hyperconverged technology are ideal,” says the leader.

Using Software Defined Storage (SDS) technology, hyperconverged infrastructures deliver increased storage scalability, accelerate IT security, and increase network traffic speed, without the high capital expenditure of an annual IT infrastructure upgrade. Basically, SDS turns conventional servers into storage, and other software (Hypervisor) virtualizes computing resources and network functions, providing more performance, agility, privacy, security, flexibility and scalability with the integration with the various cloud options available.

Currently, the Positivo Servers & Solutions portfolio brings together two hybrid cloud solutions, as Campos explains. “We work with the range of multicloud appliance solutions certified with 100% Intel technology and also with the official Nutanix integrated platform. Server systems are configured to order, fully validated, and certified for use with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud. They are flexible products that enable Intel, VAR and SI partners (system integrators) to provide a faster path to building on-premises hybrid and multi-cloud solutions for their customers, always with the latest technology and support from industry leaders”.

Another big advantage of hybrid cloud solutions is that, because they are 100% software-defined, they are built in blocks, to enable the expansion of resources at any scale, improving the application by based on compute, virtualization, storage, networking, and security needs.

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About Positivo Servers & Solutions: It is a company specializing in the production and sale of servers, storage, mini PCs and IT infrastructure solutions for businesses and services. Since 1988, it has provided solutions to small, medium and large businesses, as well as educational institutions and government entities. It is part of Positivo Tecnologia, a Brazilian manufacturer of computers, mobile phones, tablets, accessories, educational software and devices for smart homes and offices. In December 2018, still under the name Accept, it was acquired by Positivo Tecnologia to complete its portfolio and increasingly solve customers’ technological challenges. For more information, visit: Positivo Servers and Solutions.

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