5G and the future of work – 06/01/2022

The arrival of 5G in Brazil promises a disruptive revolution in the internet and mobile telephony as we know it today – and that means many job opportunities. Technological innovation, planned for the second half, brings with it better speed, better productivity and the arrival of new professions. In this context, what will be the professions of tomorrow?

Brasscom (Brazilian Association of Information and Communication Technology Companies) estimates that more than 670,000 jobs will be created by 2025. Technologies involving cloud, mobile web, big data and analytics will be the ones which will require the most new professionals in the coming years.

In the long term, 5G will bring many benefits. The aim is to create both direct vacancies, technicians for new equipment and systems, as well as indirect vacancies, product developers and companies that have not yet emerged. Analysts and data scientists will also be increasingly in demand, as will positions related to information security and protection.

However, although many of these functions are made possible by the arrival of 5G in Brazil, there is a great imbalance between the number of qualified professionals and market demand, either due to a labor force insufficient, or a lack of qualification in the field of technology. According to Brasscom, technologist courses train an average of 46,000 professionals a year, but to fill the gap, 70,000 are needed. We urgently need to invest in training qualified professionals to work in this exponentially growing sector.

Companies must also adapt. When looking at the process from a management point of view, it is essential that organizations develop a technological corporate culture, so that it is the center of their processes and not a supporting tool.

This breaks the boundaries we saw a few years ago where IT (Information Technology) professionals were limited to their more technical areas such as website and app development. Today, they are solution developers whose goal is to bring value to all stakeholders. The growth of the sector seems limitless. Today, Brazil occupies the ninth position in the world ranking of information technologies and continues to dominate the Latin American market, with a share of 44%, according to the Abes (Brazilian Association of Software Companies).

Certainly, the hiring of technology professionals is already a trend that will continue to increase in the years to come. The future has already begun!

Leonardo Casartelli is marketing director of the Empregos.com.br portal.


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Ernane Rocha Lobo
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Drunk – 1
By the way, what about the penalty for those who drive (messaging) on ​​WhatsApp (Project wants to force a drunk driver who causes a serious accident to pay child support)? It’s amazing how many people drive while typing or recording audio!
Ricardo Schneider
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Very correct! So many people lose loved ones or become disabled. Nothing changes, pure irresponsibility. Or rather, for the certainty of impunity. We just need a stronger law for cell phone use.
Flavia Borges
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I agree (to have to) pay all the expenses that this has caused too. And in case of arrest, that the “prison pension” goes to the family of the victim!
Patricia Morera
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It is becoming more and more difficult to go to the market. The average income of Brazilians fell by almost 9% last year, according to Pnad Continua, but inflation over the past 12 months (IPCA – Broad Consumer Price Index) has already exceeded 12%. The account does not close, especially with regard to fuel and food. And no need to blame pandemic, Ukraine, excess or lack of rain: food price control policies have been dismantled since 2019, and the PPI (International Price Parity) system has only increased prices. Then, later, useless to complain about the electoral polls or to say that the ballot boxes don’t work: Brazil hasn’t gotten worse for country singers, who land millionaire contracts with town halls for a night of entertainment.
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