A BOLA – The League of Nations and the market dominate BOLA DA NIGHT (22:00) (A BOLA TV)

This Friday, June 3, you can see on your THE TV BALL (channel 13 from Meo, 31 from Vodafone and 64 from NOWO)…

THE NIGHT BALL updates all the sports news of the day, with a focus on the transfer market, and highlights Spain-Portugal, this Thursday, in addition to the Portuguese match against Switzerland, which takes place this Sunday at the Alvalade stadium. With a presentation by Editorial Coordinator João José Pires, THE NIGHT BALL counts on the comments and analyzes of the famous commentator Vítor Manuel and the journalist André Pipa.

André Pipa and José Caetano at A BOLA DAS 7 (7 p.m.)

Before, however, comes THE BALL AT 7, from 7:00 p.m., to offer all the news of the day, recall the main incidents in Spain-Portugal and take stock of the news on the transfer market. With a presentation by journalist João José Pires, THE BALL AT 7 has comments from journalists André Pipa and José Caetano.

Hugo Firmino at BOLA DA AFTERNO (17:00)

Hugo Firmino, crowned champion of Armenia by Pyunik, is the guest of João José Pires at the AFTERNOON BALL. In the service of the Armenian champion, the Portuguese winger had the best season of his career, with 18 goals in 16 games. Hugo Firmino is the guest of João José Pires and will tell how he won a title that eluded Armenia’s most successful club seven years ago.


NEWSPAPER international event is today ensured by the journalist André Pipa. The presentation is signed by journalist João Manuel Farinha.

… and João Esteves and Luís Mateus at MARKET TOTAL (6:30 p.m.)

Journalists João Esteves and Luís Mateus bring to the table and analyze news from the world of transfers in TOTAL MARKET. Journalist João José Pires presents the program which starts at 6:30 p.m.

Manage fan data to earn millions in ECONOMIC GAME (19:50)

In 2010 Wolverhampton had three thousand registered users. Eleven years later, this number already exceeds 1 million and 100 thousand fans, 46% of this universe being outside the United Kingdom. All this in a city of just under 250,000 inhabitants. It is management in the relationship with fans and the importance of Data that we are going to talk about in the ECONOMIC GAME. Nuno Mena, director of the Sports Alliance for Portugal and Latin America, one of the world’s leading fan relations management companies, is the guest of this edition. This will be the featured theme for this week’s edition of the program ECONOMIC GAME, of the multimedia platform JE TV, a format that has comments from Nuno Vinha, deputy director of JE and consultant Jorge Faria de Sousa. Coordination and presentation are provided by the multimedia editor of JE, José Carlos Lourinho and the HAT TRICK is under the responsibility of journalists Rodolfo Alexandre Reis and Nuno Braga.

Álvaro Magalhães in PLAY AT HOME (00:00)

Álvaro Magalhães takes us through the streets of Lamego, where he is known… precisely for Álvaro de Lamego, the local footballer who played for the national team. No club colours, just a reference to their home ground. PLAY AT HOME it is a trip to the homeland of each of the protagonists. But, as the man does not live only balloon, we will taste the best gastronomy, the best wines and will show the best landscapes of the origins of the stars.

Chelsea and Del Bosque in DREAM TEAMS (12:25 p.m.)

Despite existing popular opinion, Chelsea have a history. But how many pre-Roman Abramovich stars could be chosen for the club’s dream team instead of modern stars? And Vicente del Bosque has coached some of Real Madrid’s and the Spanish national team’s best players, turning his best XI into a true dream team. – This program is a journey into some of the best teams in the world of football and their protagonists. A fascinating journey through what some of the best eleven have ever done, led by some of the greatest talents in history.

Great stories in LEGENDS OF THE WORLD (16:30)

All the great stories, triumphs, players and top teams throughout the FIFA World Cups, in a series that brings together the best of all World Cup editions.

Loyalty in THIS IS FOOTBALL (18:00)

Traditions and stories, heroes and villains, rivalries and passions! All out of loyalty to the heart club. What you don’t choose, feel it! It’s Football!

Aston Martin, Pérez and Lauda behind the scenes at F1 (9:35 p.m.)

In this episode, we focus on Aston Martin, which, despite being one of the most glamorous supercar brands on the planet, has yet to reach the next level in F1. We watch Sergio Pérez’s performance at Red Bull and reflect on McLaren icon Niki Lauda. We also do an analysis of the Monaco Grand Prix and a summary of the latest news, inside and outside the paddock.

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