Flee from Syria: Adel Al Ghibar, 15, receives a scholarship – and has big goals – Dornstetten & surroundings

Adel Al Ghibar received a scholarship for his commitment. Photo: Haenssler

Adel Al Ghibar recounts the escape in fluent German. The 15-year-old only arrived in Germany from Syria five years ago. He found a new home in Glatten. There he now helps other students to learn German himself.

Smooth – From Syria we went to Lebanon, from Lebanon to Turkey. There, Adel Al Ghibar, who was only ten years old at the time, boarded a fishing boat to go to Greece. With a few family members but separated from his parents. He found them only in Athens. It took Adel Al Ghibar six hours to set foot on the Greek mainland.

200 people in the boat

“The boat had room for a maximum of 70 people, but there were 200 of us,” said the 15-year-old. His family came to Austria by bus and train, but also by walking many kilometers, and from there to Germany. After staying in a refugee camp in Munich, the family eventually found themselves in Glatten through detours.

Elected class representative

Today, Adel Al Ghibar is in the ninth year at the Realschule in Dornstetten, of which he is even the class representative. He no longer has any problems with the German language. On the contrary. Because he is fluent in German and Arabic, he helps other refugees and teachers to translate at school. He is also actively involved outside of school, including as a member of the Glatten Young Fire Brigade.

Convinced on selection day

The student is now rewarded for his achievements: he is one of the 53 scholarship holders of the “Talent im Land” (Info) program. He first applied last year and made it to selection day, where he was not considered. He tried again this year – and had the chance.

Enthusiastic athlete

“I am very happy with this scholarship”, says Adel Al Ghibar. The 15-year-old now receives financial support for “things that help me develop my personality”. He also tries to constantly develop himself in sports. Either outdoors with course training or at home with strength training.

The aim is to study

During seminars and joint meetings, he gets to know the other fellows, many of whom have lived a similar past. “People there are really motivated,” says Adel Al Ghibar. This also applies to him. Although he is only in ninth grade, he already has clear and ambitious goals: “I want to do my Abitur and study computer science or medicine,” he says. In his spare time, he programs and has already developed his first games. During an internship in a children’s clinic, he would like to have an insight into this last branch.

Help where possible

However, the 15-year-old stresses that he doesn’t just have personal goals, but also social ones. He wants to volunteer and help wherever he can. Whether in a refugee camp in Greece or in Africa to set up schools there. “I want to give people hope,” says Adel Al Ghibar. “I have been helped a lot, so I also want to help others.”

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