mumok: Huda Takriti wins the Vordemberge-Gildewart scholarship 2022

The winner emerged victorious from a short list of 20 young artists who live and work in Austria.

Vienna (OTS) Huda Takriti can look forward to a work grant from the Vordemberge-Gildewart Foundation, worth 60,000 Swiss francs (about 58,000 euros), which is awarded once a year to young artists under the age of 35. . This makes the Vordemberge-Gildewart scholarship one of the most valuable young talents in Europe.

During the opening on June 1, 2022 at mumok, the president of the jury, Isabelle Krieg, presented the prize to Huda Takriti. The jury justified its decision with the following words:

“In his two-part installation Refuse to meet your gaze From 2022, consisting of a single-channel video and a collection of documents, Huda Takriti takes us into a stream of archival images from the year 1969. The starting point for the in-depth research is a diversion of aircraft for which a woman was responsible for the first time. It should be noted that the kidnapper commissioned a photographer to document the detonation of the empty passenger plane which was diverted to Damascus for archival purposes. However, as the photographer forgot to remove the lens cap, the result was a black photo. The event remained undocumented.

Formally extremely accurate, Huda Takriti combines research material collected on the incident with other documents from the turbulent year 1969 to create a dense and extremely current reflection on the power of the image and the process of producing truth. . In the film, media images, some of which are iconic, scroll by in rapid cuts, combined with computer animations from space and journeys through a fictional archive. Its seemingly flooded floor, which can be read as a reference to the contemporary flood of digital images, shakes the archive – and thus, in its name, the veracity of the stored materials. With this complex fusion of different thematic strands, Huda Takriti touches the nerve of today: how are the images and the story linked? What images do we see, which remain hidden and who decides? How does this create our reality? And how is it that in the age of Photoshop and fake news, the photo still has such high probative power?

The jury is impressed by the ability of the young artist to make us travel in space and time, using the means of the image itself to question the status of the image.”

Biography Huda Takriti

Huda Takriti born in 1990 in Damascus, Syria, lives and works in Vienna. She studied painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Damascus, Syria then TransArts, at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.
Exhibitions: and|or but, yay*Kunstraum Lakeside, Klagenfurt / Vienna University of Applied Arts, 2018; Weaving Truths, Unraveling Fictions (Duo)Kunsthalle Vienna, 2020; Productive interruption IITransArts at the Angewandte Festival, Vienna, 2020; infrathin, infra-thin, infra-thinUniversity Gallery of the Heiligenkreuzerhof, Vienna, 2021
Huda Takriti is the winner of the Kunsthalle Wien Prize 2020.

“nominated…” Vordemberge-Gildewart Scholarship 2022

The exhibition (from June 2 to August 21, 2022) presents the short list of nominated artists, with the works or series of works presented being selected by the artists themselves.

2022 selection process with mumok as organizational partner

The scholarship holder is selected each year by an independent international jury on the basis of a collective exhibition organized by the Foundation in collaboration with a European artistic institution. This year, mumok prepared the award of the 2022 scholarship as an organizational partner. The 2022 prize therefore went to Huda Takriti, an artist who lives and works in Austria, since the young regional art scene of the cooperating institution is the focus of attention every year.
In order to get as complete an overview as possible of the main artistic positions in this field, mumok has invited renowned artists and art specialists who work in local art schools and are very familiar with recent artistic developments. to submit potential participants to propose an exhibition. From the resulting long list of 83 entries, mumok curators then selected the final 20 entrants.

Shortlist 2022

For the 2022 scholarship, Rehema Chachage, Ilkin Beste Çirak + Nigel Gavus, Lukas Gritzner, Jojo Gronostay, Flora Hauser, Aklima Iqbal, Ana Likar, Irina Lotarevich, Marlene Maier, Theodor Maier, Cecilie Norgaard, Anne Schmidt, Myles Starr, Miriam Stoney , Laurence Sturla, Huda Takriti, Anna Tje, Johanna Charlotte Trede, Valentina Triet and Antoinette Zwirchmayr.

The foundation

The Vordemberge-Gildewart Foundation was founded in Switzerland in 1981 by the will of Ilse Engelina Vordemberge, née Leda, widow of the artist Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart. The aim of the foundation is to preserve the artistic work of Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart and to promote young visual artists in his spirit.
In cooperation with renowned institutions throughout Europe, young artists are invited to the competition every year. Since 1983, the foundation has awarded 38 scholarships.
Foundation website

Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart

Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart (born November 17, 1899 in Osnabrück as Friedrich Vordemberge; † December 19, 1962 in Ulm) was a German graphic designer, painter and sculptor. Its heritage, consisting of works of art, written and photographic documents and its library, has been in the Museum Wiesbaden since 1997.
Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart participated in documenta 1 (1955) and documenta II (1959) in Kassel.
Further information

“nominated…” Vordemberge-Gildewart Scholarship 2022
Duration June 2 to August 21, 2022

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