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On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day, celebrated this Tuesday (31.05), officials from various State Departments gathered for the “Largue o Cigarro Correndo” event, organized by the Department of Planning and management (Seplag) with the aim of encouraging the fight against tobacco. Tobacco dependence. The action, idealized by the Coordination of Occupational Safety and Health in the Systemic Area (CSST), took place in Parque das Águas and had more than 100 subscribers.

The activity is part of the Healthy Life program and through it a series of actions aimed at taking care of the physical and mental health of state officials are carried out weekly.

In addition to the Vou Correr, which takes place every Thursday from 5 p.m., monthly weighing projects are also promoted, which consist of helping employees self-monitor their weight; Ativa Servers, which aims to teach the basics of volleyball and futsal; and the 5-minute online practices of mindfulness, functional training, and labor gymnastics.

“All the actions that Seplag has promoted since the beginning of its management have as their main objective to foster a culture of attention to subjects related to the health of body and mind. In addition to enhancing the health of the servers, all these projects contribute to preventing them from leaving work”, underlined the head of Seplag, Basílio Bezerra.

Smoking is recognized as a chronic disease caused by addiction to the nicotine present in tobacco products. As the World Health Organization (WHO) points out, tobacco kills more than 8 million people a year. More than 7 million of these deaths result from direct use of this product, while approximately 1.2 million are the result of non-smokers exposed to second-hand smoke.

For Seplag physical educator Valdecarlos Santos, events like this reinforce the state government’s message to encourage quality of life and healthier habits through physical exercise. “We work with the idea of ​​getting the message across through sport and I believe sport is a very important tool to inspire good habits,” Valdecarlos said.

Agent of the Comptroller General of the State (CGE-MT) Maykel Ponçoni. Photo by Cristiano Emanuel / Seplag-MT

Among the registered participants was the servant of the General State Control (CGE-MT), Maykel Ponçoni, accompanied by her mother, Lurdez Zanette Ponçoni, 82 years old. The maid, who identified as an anti-tobacco activist, said she usually took her mother for runs, in addition to other physical activities. Mother and daughter completed the 3km course during the event.

For Ponçoni, events like the race promoted by Seplag reinforce the fight against smoking, even if the use is already “so normalized”. “Actions like this are fundamental and also contribute to reducing the risks of chronic degenerative diseases aggravated by tobacco consumption,” he added.

“Because of the Covid problem, I wasn’t doing any reasonable physical activity, not even walking. Now that we have this condition to resume life normally, after two years of the pandemic, this activity is an additional motivation for us to improve our quality of life,” said Seplag technical advisor Albert Fernandes da Silva.

Event organization team at Seplag-MT. Photo by Cristiano Emanuel / Seplag-MT

Another objective achieved during the event was the participation of officials from various state departments, in addition to the judicial and legislative powers of Mato Grosso, evaluated the occupational safety and health coordinator in the area system (CSST), Katya Rodrigues. “The event was a success, it achieved the proposed objective for the campaign and we are already planning other actions like this, in collaboration with other secretariats,” he added.

“Seplag is to be congratulated for promoting an action that integrates all the secretariats, all the servers. It is important to hold this type of event to aggregate, bring together, and even more so when the bias is to promote health within the public service,” said the Occupational Health and Quality of Life Coordinator of the Secretary of Finance (Sefaz), Daniel Araújo.

More information about the Healthy Life program can be obtained by calling (65) 99280-3107 or (65) 3613-3721 / 3722 / 3727.

The activity is part of the Healthy Life program designed and promoted by Seplag-MT. Photo by Cristiano Emanuel / Seplag-MT

Text supervision by Nayara Takahara.

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