Grand Pu Bar serves fine cocktails at Hotel Friends

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The Grand Pu Bar serves cocktails in a new location in Düsseldorf

The Grand Pu Bar was popular in Düsseldorf-Bilk. Fans now have to make a pilgrimage to another part of town. From Whit Monday, owner Daniel Kroschinsky will open the doors to the new location.

As soon as you enter the lobby of the Friends Hotel at Worringer Platz and the door closes behind you, it becomes surprisingly quiet. No more traffic noise, no more trams, no more bustle. Instead, warm light, soft leather armchairs and a large wooden bar, behind which are bottles of spirits and fine art prints by artist Ivan Beslic. Anyone familiar with the former Grand Pu Bar restaurant on Witzelstrasse almost feels transported to a larger version of the bar. If you don’t know it, you will feel it right away: you can spend many relaxed evenings here.

After a long wait, the new Grand Pu Bar branch will open on Whit Monday, but Daniel Kroschinsky hasn’t planned a big party. “We don’t want a soft opening with guests or anything, we’ll just be here instead of Bilk from Monday,” he says. The concept remains the same: high-quality cocktails with many homemade ingredients, live events such as concerts and stand-up shows by Goldmucke and hip-hop art on the walls. On Saturday there will be DJ events at the Boombox.

What is new is the size. The new location is several times larger than the old store, and there is also a small outdoor terrace with a smoking area in the inner courtyard. But it has to stay comfortable, that’s important to Kroschinsky. Why was he drawn to Worringer Platz, which isn’t really known for its high-quality cocktails? “The location here simply demanded it and we can provide it. Also, the location here is very central, there are also a lot of people working in the area who might want to end the day with a drink after work,” he says.

The area has steadily improved in recent years, Paid Content although there are still difficulties. “But if you come here, you should leave your everyday life outside and relax anyway.”

The move cost him a lot of nerves and he had been sharing the plans with the public on Instagram for a long time. The fact that it is now June until the opening is due to the change in use which has become necessary. “When I received this email, my heart sank. It was clear to me that it might take some time, especially during Corona,” he says.

Because the bar will no longer be reserved mostly for hotel guests, various applications had to be approved. It was a “difficult time”, he says, especially since the lobby first had to be remodeled to fit the “Grand Pu Bar Look”. He is all the more impatient to finally open the doors on June 6th.

The drinks menu will expand, notably with beers and wines, and he is also currently working on a new cocktail menu. It should be a mixture of classics and own creations. However, some of his creations have already become so popular that he will offer them again here.

“Drinks like the ‘Tea Thyme Mule’ have become something like my trademark, they will continue to exist, but it’s also great fun to develop new things,” says Kroschinsky.

He learned his trade very early. As a trained hotel manager, he discovered his love for bar culture early on. He has already won cocktail championships, was vice-champion of Germany and winner in North Rhine-Westphalia. In London, he completed his first scholarship as a bartender in the famous “Milk and Honey Bar”. In Düsseldorf, where he has lived since 2009, he has already co-opened the Beuys Bar, and since 2019 he is his own boss with the Grand Pu Bar.

And the concept worked, despite the pandemic, it managed to become essential. He filled the closing period with cocktail deliveries. “It was a lot of work, but it was better than doing nothing at all,” he says. Now he is happy to have his guests in front of him again.

High-quality cocktails, some with ingredients that have been prepared for days, are in vogue. Kroschinksy agrees: “In recent years, a handful of good bars have really taken hold there. He calls this “liquid star cuisine” because, as in gourmet restaurants, great importance is attached to each ingredient, to each composition. is balanced down to the last detail. “People are increasingly consciously looking for high quality food and drink, they value quality,” he says.

It remains to be seen where the name of the bar actually comes from. Matching art prints by Ivan Belsic, which Kroschinksy once exhibited at Bilk, the name also has something to do with hip-hop. “’Grand Pu Bar’ alludes to New York rapper Grand Puba, two passions in one. Then I tweaked it a bit, otherwise maybe it was a bit too much,” says Kroschinsky. It’s just an overall concept.

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