We’ve tested Starlink on gaming, VoIP, YouTube, Netflix and more

In the third video in the Starlink series, we put Elon Musk’s satellite internet quality to the test. We tested and showed how Starlink performs with large file downloads and uploads, its latency in games, and its ability to serve an entire family, with multiple devices connected to the Internet at the same time. All this on a cloudy day, which already answers the question that many users left in the previous video: how does Starlink work on an ugly day?

There are several scenarios! We will be downloading a game, while watching Netflix on TV, Youtube on the laptop, playing games on the PC, and making a VoIP call on the cellphone. We also ran a speed test using Speedtest and, as a bonus, we answered questions about the router’s capacity and range, along with a verdict on whether it was worth it and in what scenarios. Starlink is a good alternative.

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What is Starlink?

Starlink is a proposal to bring the Internet worldwide, without geographical restrictions or the need for local infrastructure. All you need is the Kit with an antenna, electricity and a mobile phone to configure to be able to connect to the thousands of satellites already in orbit.

So far, 2,500 satellites have been launched, with more than 2,300 in operation, but SpaceX’s idea is to launch more than 40,000 to cover as much area as possible. These satellites move on pre-established routes 550 km from the Earth, covering (until now) certain areas of the planet. The more satellites, the bigger and better the coverage. For this reason, SpaceX launches satellites every month, and by early 2023 there will be more than 4,000 in orbit.

So how does the antenna work? The user buys the necessary equipment, basically a kit with an antenna and a router connected to the socket. With everything connected, you complete a simple setup and are ready to use the Internet.

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The Starlink starter kit costs around R$4,500.00 and the monthly fee is around R$744.00. The price is similar to that of the United States (the difference is the taxes) and Starlink makes a point of specifying it on the invoices by detailing everything. Almost 40% of the cost is taxation and we show it in the video.

The future of the internet?

This could be the future of the internet, because Starlink has everything to be the project that will speed up communications in the world – since remote areas and areas of little commercial interest for operators end up not having enough infrastructure to provide connectivity to the population.

With the implementation of the complete Starlink network, SpaceX hopes to be able to democratize Internet access with an experience similar to optical fiber where this type of service does not arrive. Thus, the company ends up offering a quality solution for rural areas, remote communities, neighborhoods away from major cities, and even on flights and cruises.

In Brazil, a partnership was recently announced to bring Starlink to 19,000 public schools. Just bringing the internet to remote schools is already a powerful proposition here in the country. Access to technology is a subject of much discussion, but unfortunately there is still no concrete planning and plans in place to make it happen.
Internet access from the earliest stages of life has a huge impact on a person’s development. The stronger the structure given to a population, the more it is able to study and collaborate for the advancement of technology itself.


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