Cyclone Alex will raise thermometers to 40ºC in Portugal this week

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Tropical Storm Alex;  tropical cyclone;
Tropical Storm Alex this afternoon. As an extratropical cyclone, it will pass away from our country, but this will involve the arrival of warmer air.

The heat has calmed down in recent days across much of mainland Portugal, paving the way for the unleashing of rain and storms which, in some northern and central sub-regions, fell with great intensity – in some localities there were big hail! However, everything indicates that the high temperatures will reappear in the coming days, with higher than normal values ​​expected for this time of year. These will be influenced by current tropical storm Alex.

First fortnight: showers north of Cabo Carvoeiro, 30°C in the Center and South

Today, in the afternoon, a small active front will leave very light rain on the North Regionespecially in atlantic facade (Viana do Castelo, Braga, Porto), but also to be able to enlarge, later, at the points of the interior the districts of Vila Real, Bragança and, finally, also Viseu (the latter, already in the central region). There is a possibility of drizzle in the districts of Aveiro, Coimbra and Leiria, but the probability is lower. In the rest of the country, a stable weather condition will dominate.

With the gradual stabilization of time, the heat is slowly starting to set in. For example, this Monday in some places in Ribatejo, Beira Baixa, Alentejo and Algarve it is notorious the rise in temperature, the thermometer marking maximums around 30 ºC.

For Tuesday, a stable environment is expected in mainland Portugal with generally cloudy skies., except for the regions of Minho, Porto Metropolitan Area, Aveiro, Coimbra, Leiria, Alto Tâmega, Douro and Viseu Dão-Lafões. In the latter, we expect a lot cloudiness in the morning, with a good opening in the afternoon and with return of clouds at night.

The temperature should experience a slight increase, especially in the interior territories. The maximum will register 32 ºC in the capital of the district of Beja, reaching even higher values ​​(35 ºC) in points of the Guadiana Valley (Mértola) and in the eastern Algarve (Alcoutim). there will be a great thermal contrast in the North Regionwith the coast barely passing the 21 ºC barrier, while in the interior of Trás-os-Montes, in the city of Bragança, 26 ºC is expected.

On Wednesday, another inactive front is expected, with light, sometimes moderate rain, which will affect the weather, in general, in a good part of the Atlantic coast – from Caminha to Peniche. and for most of that day. He can also fall in points inside Coimbra, Vise and Vila Real. In the rest of the country, the weather will remain stable, with some low clouds on the coast between Lourinhã (Lisbon) and Sagres (Faro).

THETemperatures will drop slightly across the countrynot only the result of the passage from frontas well as thanks to the flow of northwest wind, which will blow more intensely during this trip. Only in Baixo Alentejo and Algarve, some cities will continue to record highs just above 30ºC.

Alex’s influence in intense heat

It is for the second half of the week that it is planned the sharp rise in temperatureas Heat to assume, once again, the main role of weather in mainland Portugal. Alex will intervenethe first tropical cyclone of the season in the Atlantic which, already in the state of an extratropical cyclone, will arrive near Iceland and the British Isles by Friday. From there, it will affect us indirectly, since “push” the high pressure ridge towards Europe.

In addition, the Iberian oven will “come back to life”. As already mentioned several times, the Iberian Peninsula acts as if it were a mini continent: in summer it “cooks” its own heat (and in winter its own cold).

On Thursday, the temperature will rise all the way, except in some parts of the Algarve, where it can drop slightly. Inland, the thermal rise will be very noticeable. Highs of around 30 ºC are expected in 10 of the 18 district capitals, almost all of which are in the interior of the country. (except Faro). The weather will remain fairly stable and mostly sunny, especially inland. Even so, there will be medium to low clouds over much of the west coast.

temperature map portugal continental heat
Friday will be a very hot day, with several places exceeding 35 ºC and some of them occasionally reaching 40 ºC.

Very hot Friday in mainland Portugal and Spain

For Friday, a stable and sunny weather is forecast, with clear sky in almost all geographies. Expected new temperature rise which will take place from the north to the south of mainland Portugal. There are places in Beira Baixa, Baixo Alentejo and Sotavento Algarvio that will be around 40 ºCand some district capitals in the Center and South – notably Castelo Branco, Portalegre, Évora and Beja – will exceed 35ºC. However, in cities like Viana do Castelo, Porto and Aveiro, the maximum will not exceed 25ºC.

From Thursday to Friday, the temperature will increase significantly. In large parts of the central and southern interior of the country, maximum temperatures of between 35 ºC and 40 ºC are expected.

If this scenario continues, much of the Portuguese interior – in particular the Beira (Beira Baixa) and Alentejo regions – will register daytime values ​​of almost 10 ºC above the usual temperatures for the period of the year. Moreover, it is possible that there is tropical night in Castelo Branco, Portalegrenot ruling out the same happening in nearby locations (i.e., equal or higher night temperature 20°C).

And on weekends, what to expect?

For the weekend, the uncertainty in the forecast increases considerably, however, the our model of trust predicts, for the moment, a maintenance of meteorological stability, with a gradual increase in temperatures throughout the territory and the presence of some cloudiness. So, the intense heat is expected to continue throughout the weekend, with highs near 40ºC in several parts of the interioreven if this scenario is not yet fully confirmed.

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