Erasmus in nursing education: BIZ Hachenburg enables foreign assignments in Europe

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As a trainer for nursing staff, the health professions training center in Hachenburg is the first address in the northern Rhineland-Palatinate region. The nursing school also makes it possible to carry out part of the practical training abroad. Anastasia Vladimirova, for example, reports on her experience during the four-week mission to Ireland.

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Hashenburg. Stepping out of the comfort zone: This is what Anastasia Vladimirova wanted when she was planning her nursing education in Ireland. Their destination was Galway. Four weeks of practical work in the city on the Atlantic coast at the Galway Clinic awaited him.
There Anastasia learned how nurses work on the Emerald Isle. Some things are different than in Germany: Anastasia got to taste many stations. She worked in trauma surgery and in the tumor ward, observed how heart catheters were placed – many doors were opened to her in Ireland.

The biggest difference, however, is the working time: there are ten hours in the working day, but you are only on duty three days a week. So Anastasia had time to explore the country. She traveled along the Irish cliffs, sailed the islands of the Atlantic, explored the picturesque old town of Galway and visited Dublin. During the trip, says Anastasia, her self-confidence increased several times.

Go abroad with the Erasmus program
During the specialist nurse training in Hachenburg, a four-week assignment abroad is possible. Trainees from other European countries are financially supported by the Erasmus program of the European Union. For Anastasia, the scholarship paid for accommodation and travel. She also has some pocket money. “You don’t get a scholarship like this very often in life,” says Anastasia. “You should use this.”

In cooperation with the BBS Westerburg, the training center now again allows assignments abroad in many European countries. Whether Ireland, Finland or Austria: cooperation is possible with many healthcare institutions.

soak up everything
Former nursing student Stefanie Evdokimov wanted to take as much of her assignment abroad as possible when she decided to take the Erasmus program in 2019. It was important to her that she understood the language of the hospital. That’s why she decided to work at the University Hospital in Salzburg, Austria.

She always likes to think back to her time in the city of Mozart. She could also enjoy her free time in the picturesque town in the Alps. She had to get used to some Austrian customs. “But it’s good to see that things can be different than in Germany,” laughs Stefanie.

She can certainly recommend a mission abroad: thanks to the support of the Erasmus programme, her mission abroad was practically free. “And the added value I’ve had isn’t measured in money,” explains Stefanie. Could you imagine working in Austria one day? In fact, she is more attached to her homeland, but she still enjoyed her time in Salzburg. “So why not? Maybe one day”.

Nursing professionals across Europe
Besides the opportunity to work abroad, nursing education offers many other benefits. Anyone trained at the nursing school for health professions in Hachenburg qualifies as a specialist nurse. The diploma is recognized throughout the European Union.

Applications for the 2022 training year are welcome. If you are interested, please call: 02662/853212 or apply by email


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