Information technologies – Setic presents a report with quarterly analyzes of the actions carried out in the technological services of Rondônia – Government of the State of Rondônia

The presentation of service metrics is intended to ensure control of all requests received, classified and processed

The State Superintendence of Information and Communication Technologies – Setic, presented a report with quarterly analyzes of the actions carried out by the State’s technological infrastructures and services. The government of Rondônia, as well as the units of the judiciary of the state, the units of the federal public administration and the municipalities, benefit today from services such as Infovia, support and systems, infrastructure hosting, e -mail, DNS and several other services available in the Setic catalog. .

The presentation of service metrics aims to ensure control of all requests received, classified and subsequently answered in the best service standards.


The Call Attendance System – GLPI implemented by Setic, is an open source platform, which allows requests and specialized attendance services, carried out by servers within the secretariats of the Government of Rondônia, to occur in a more intuitive and automated.

The quarterly report presented the results analyzed within the framework of the established measures of good performance of the GLPI service, describing 5,530 calls made and answered. Along with analyzing the results, the report also highlighted the level of user satisfaction with the service.

Setic’s Head of Infrastructure and Services, Gabriel Carrijo, stressed the importance of understanding what users think of the experience offered to meet their demands for ICT services.

“It is essential to be able to make the necessary adjustments and implement the continuous improvement of your processes. With the research result in hand, it is possible to identify what is not good from the customer’s point of view and what needs to be improved. This is extremely important, because sometimes those inside cannot see certain flaws and limitations. In general, the satisfaction survey works like a thermometer to assess how customers view your service,” explains the manager.


Infovia Rondônia is a fiber optic network that interconnects state government units, providing connectivity services, such as Internet links and data, voice and image transport infrastructure. The network has more than 250 points in the municipalities of Porto Velho, Candeias do Jamari and Ariquemes.

Data analysis showed that Infovia currently has a monitoring system capable of obtaining a series of data, storing it in a proprietary database and generating various reports. The analysis carried out a survey of the availability percentages of the backbone of infovia (backbone), by calculating the availability time of the Internet at the points that Infovia has, noting an availability of 100% in 55% of the points in the first quarter 2022 .

The Head of Infrastructures and Services of Setic underlined that according to the resolution of ANATEL, the measurements carried out follow a calendar and a methodology different from that used to arrive at these results. And he said that by having a monitoring system that collects this data every minute, we can say that the results are more faithful and precise.


Thanks to a space dedicated to hosting computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications storage systems called Datacenter, the applications of the Government of Rondônia are maintained, enhancing the stability and availability of the systems.

The report demonstrated performance analysis, average processing volume, average memory volume, and other metrics.


In order to present a more efficient and profitable communication, the Government of Rondônia, through the actions of Setic, has carried out the implementation of the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system in the departments that make up the public administration of the State.

In the first half of 2022, the report attests to a total of 5,467 calls made, with a cost per minute of R$0.04, or a cost of R$360.96 in calls, showing a reduction in contract costs of fixed telephony and an efficient service.


The report concludes by demonstrating the pricing parameters for information and communication technology services, indicating savings to state coffers of R$5,522,183.01 in the first three months of 2022.

Gabriel Carrijo said that the benchmark in economy is obtained through the use of the services provided by Setic, operated by the Coordination of Infrastructure and Services and the Coordination of Information Security of the State Government of Rondônia, as an alternative to outsourcing services or contracting external solutions. , using market analysis and the bidding processes of other direct and indirect administration bodies as a means of keeping these indicators similar to the existing solutions in the analyzed contexts.

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