Hohenlohe 4 Talents the second, Hohenlohe Plus e. V., press release

On Thursday, July 14, 2022, the time has finally come: the “Hohenlohe 4 Talents Pitch Day” enters the second round. Five finalist start-ups from different economic, technological or urban fields will present their innovative and exciting business ideas live in front of a high-level jury on this day in order to obtain the coveted “Bourse Hohenlohe 4 Talents” if possible.

“Why wander far when good is so near?”

After the great success of the first Hohenlohe 4 Talents jury in July last year, the long-awaited search for the best talents and ideas from the Hohenlohe plus region enters the second round.

Young founders, young entrepreneurs who have realized their dream in the last three years or other interested people with a promising business idea in the fields of “high-tech and IT start-ups” / “craft and business start-ups” /”industrial start-ups” have until June 12, 2022 “the opportunity to become a finalist for this year’s” Hohenlohe 4 Talents Pitch Day “.

Because only finalists can get one of the coveted seed grants on July 14, 2022, which consists of financial support for up to twelve months, intangible support in the form of specialized know-how and extensive individual coaching advice and a project budget in The “Hohenlohe 4 Talents” support program aims to bring know-how and technologies to the Hohenlohe Plus region on the one hand, but also to secure qualified workers and promote local founders and start-ups on the other hand further develop the local start-up culture.

From this point on, our partner, hfcon GmbH & Co. KG, in its function as the first point of contact, takes over the preliminary consultations, supports the applicants in the creation and graphic preparation of the application documents and at the same time offers comprehensive pitch coaching.

Once the documents are created, they are submitted to a high-level jury made up of representatives of the five regional municipalities, banks and companies, who carry out a pre-selection and invite the most promising ideas on the said date of July 14.

The “Pitch Day” itself is then up to the finalists: Appearance, appearance, performance as well as content and future prospects determine this day, in the manner of “Lion’s Den”, which convinced the present jury of Hohenlohe In addition with their performance and can therefore return home with the lucrative start-up aid.

But even for those who unfortunately did not reach the final, things continue successfully, because hfcon GmbH & Co. KG will continue to look after them in detail and inform them about possible alternatives and development opportunities in ongoing discussions.

“The Hohenlohe region should not only remain the region of global market leaders, a top-notch start-up culture should also take hold here in rural areas.” Martin Buchwitz, managing director of m eint Hohenlohe Plus, and Thorben Heinrichs, managing director of hfcon GmbH & Co. KG, added:

“So if you are a young start-up, want to start a business soon or have a great business idea, then quickly apply at www.hohenlohe4talents.de for the Hohenlohe Plus Stipendium and get one of the five finalist spots on July 14, 2022

Hohenlohe 4 Talents is a support program with the clear objective of bringing know-how and technologies to the Hohenlohe Plus region, securing skilled workers and promoting local founders and start-ups, as well as further developing the culture local start-ups. The scholarship is designed for a period of 6 or 12 months per start-up and consists of financial resources and in-kind benefits, which are provided by regional sponsors.

the hfcon GmbH and Co. KG (hfcon heilbronn franken: connected) is a start-up based in Künzelsau and offers services to promote digitization and technology transfer in the region. We see ourselves as a driver of innovation and digitalization for the predominantly middle-class economy of the Hohenlohe and Heilbronn-Franconia region. We support a wide variety of companies in the process of digital transformation and bring together all relevant actors in the space to enable experience exchange, knowledge transfer and collaboration. The focus is on the networking of the economy. We want to federate the vast know-how of the region, make it accessible and initiate new value-added networks.

The Digital Hub Heilbronn Franken is a project initiated by the state of Baden-Württemberg to promote and promote digitization, which is carried out by hfcon GmbH & Co. KG in the region of Heilbronn Franken with the help of the limited partners Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG, ebm papst Mulfingen GmbH & Co. KG as well as OPTIMA packaging group GmbH and Würth Industrie Service GmbH & Co. KG. The objective is to stimulate interdisciplinary cooperation and encourage the development of new value creation networks as well as the necessary technology transfers.

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