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Live at the stadium

Besides the university, Moritz Rudrof also had time to travel. He’s been to Washington DC, Dallas, Miami, Chicago and Nashville. Two of his highlights so far have been watching a home game of the Dallas Cowboys – a football team – live in the stadium and a road trip to Key West, the southernmost point in the United States. continentals.

US cell phone number

“Plus, I still had a lot of paperwork to do, like applying for a social security number, opening a bank account, taking the US driver’s license test, or getting a US cell phone number,” he said. he.

Of course, there are also contacts with family and friends in Germany. “But at irregular intervals. Social media helps keep those ‘at home’ up to date.” So far, no one from Germany has visited Moritz Rudrof. was not even possible due to Corona. He has no difficulty with the English language. “The longer you stay there, the more you get used to it and your own language level improves”, he says.

Mask obligation lifted

How is the corona situation in the USA, how does this affect it in terms of rules and restrictions? “You would think that Corona no longer exists here,” says Rudrof. The mask requirement was recently lifted in his neighborhood. Mandatory testing or 3G or 2G plus rules or contact restrictions do not exist. You can simply get vaccinated or tested at the supermarket. All hotels and restaurants are also open.

There are few restrictions on travel to the United States, but some cities require tourists to show their vaccination card. “The only impact I notice is that the university is integrating virtual formats into the classroom more than usual.”

Dress up and party

How is the pre-Christmas period in the USA, how do you experience it, what are the habits and customs? “The pre-Christmas period in the USA does not only refer to the Advent season as in Germany”, explains Rudrof, “here we are talking about the ‘holiday season’, i.e. a whole Christmas season that starts with Halloween at the end of October.” Halloween in the United States can be compared to carnival in Germany, except that everyone – including adults – dresses up and celebrates. He and his foster family stoked campfires and when it got dark they set out for what is called a sleight of hand. It’s walking the streets and picking up sweets. In the United States, not only children do it, but also adults. Also, costumes in the United States are more unusual and range from scary clowns to beer bottle or horse. “All the front gardens are decorated, some have skeletons hanging from the trees. Tombstones and inflatable figures such as spiders are also very popular. The next day, the Halloween decorations give way to preparations for Thanksgiving – comparable to the German Thanksgiving. It is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. The gardens are home to giant inflatable turkeys, and on Thanksgiving the whole family gets together for a turkey dinner.

Long lines of people

The next day, “Black Friday”, also known in Germany, finally heralds the Christmas season. “Some stores open as early as 5 a.m., and regardless of the weather, long lines of people form here and there hoping to grab the best discounts before everything sells out,” he says.

Everything is getting bigger

Christmas itself is celebrated on December 25 in the United States. “Advent calendars still only have 24 doors,” he laughs. His host family will go to church on the evening of the 24th for the Christmas service, on the morning of the 25th there will be gifts and then during the day there will be Christmas dinner.

“Basically, however, you can say that everything is bigger and more in the United States than in Germany. There is a lot more decoration, Christmas lights and decorations are everywhere and in every garden. There are drive-in Christmas shows. There you can drive your car through parks decorated and illuminated for Christmas and listen to Christmas carols.

What he also saw is that some homes and parks have their own radio frequencies so you can listen to Christmas music while watching and driving in the car.

Trees are more expensive

Christmas markets are less common in the United States, as are Advent wreaths. “Furthermore, it is not the Child Jesus who brings the gifts, but Santa Claus. No Saint Nicholas is celebrated on December 6. Christmas trees are much more expensive than in Germany. “We paid the equivalent of 70 euros for ours. Also, there isn’t really a winter with snow in Wilmington. Currently it is 20 degrees and sunny.

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