Wednesday, June 8, 2022: Car drives into crowd in Berlin, EU votes to phase out combustion engines and opens solar park near Leipzig – Leipzig News

At least one person was killed in Berlin today when a man drove a car into a crowd. In addition, the European Parliament has approved a bill that will effectively ban the sale of combustion engines in the EU from 2035. And in Halle there was another large-scale police operation at a comprehensive school today after a threat. The LZ summarizes what happened on Wednesday June 8, 2022 in Leipzig, Saxony and beyond.

Berlin: A man drives a car through a crowd

A man drove a car into a crowd on Kurfürstendamm in Berlin this morning, killing at least one woman. According to the firefighters, several people are in mortal danger, and there are also several serious and minor injuries. By early evening, there were growing indications that the man had intentionally driven onto the sidewalk.

The incident triggered a large-scale operation by police and firefighters. Emergency services have cordoned off the area near Breitscheidplatz so that the injured can be treated and people evacuated as quickly as possible. A rescue helicopter has landed near the scene of the crime or accident. A temporary chaplaincy has been set up at the nearby Memorial Church to provide psychological care to witnesses to the incident.

The man’s journey ended in the window of a perfume store. He first tried to flee, but was caught by passers-by and then arrested by police without resistance. According to the police, he is a 29-year-old German-Armenian who lives in Berlin.

Image spreads ‘confession letter’ rumors

A few hours after the incident, many media reported that a “confession letter” had been found in the car. The Bild newspaper first published this information, other media like the Süddeutsche have adopted the terminology. Berlin Interior Senator Iris Spranger then denied the existence of a confession letter.

However, posters with statements about Turkey were found in the car. According to Spranger, the “Bild” has changed the wording of its online article and now speaks of “documents discovered in the vehicle” which are “documents relating to Turkey”. Several journalists today criticized the cover of “Bild”.

Most of the victims of today’s incident in Berlin are participants of a 10th class journey from Bad Arolsen (Hesse).

Another big operation at the Halle school

As early as mid-May, a threat on the social media platform Instagram prompted a large-scale police operation at a school in Halle (Saale). This morning, the Halle police were again called to a school because of a threat, this time to the comprehensive school Ulrich von Hutten in Roßbachstrasse.

As it turned out later, there was never any danger to students or teachers, according to the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung. Unlike the incident in the integrated comprehensive school in Halle (Adam-Kuckhoff-Strasse) in May – at which time the police cordoned off the school and evacuated – the school activities of the comprehensive school in Roßbachstrasse continued as normal today.

In order to avoid acts of imitation, the police do not want to give any precise information about the trigger for today’s operation. The judicial police are investigating.

A solar park is being built in the Leipzig Neuseenland

With a symbolic groundbreaking ceremony, the construction site for one of Europe’s largest solar parks was inaugurated today near Leipzig. The solar modules are produced on the approximately 500 hectare site of the former brown coal opencast mine “Witznitz II”. About 1.1 million solar modules are to be installed there over the next few years.

The solar park is being built on Lake Hain and is called “Energiepark Witznitz”. After completion of the project, around 200,000 four-person households should be able to be supplied with renewable energy from the solar park. Before that, however, the authorities must issue a building permit.

From 2035: ban on internal combustion engines in the EU

From 2035, new cars with internal combustion engines can no longer be sold in the Member States of the European Union. Members of the European Parliament decided on this today.

The wording of the measure is not a sales ban: the bill does not prohibit the sale of such vehicles from 2035, but subjects the sale to heavy penalties. In practice, however, the proposal comes close to a sales ban.

339 members of the European Parliament voted for the European Commission’s project. On the other hand, there were 249 “no” votes today. The law has not yet been finally passed.

Corona expert council warns federal government of fall wave

What the LZ reported today: on the exhibition “Museum Ex Machina” at the Leipzig City History Museum, on the difficulties of the concept of homeland and on the recommendation of experts to continue the civil service of teachers in Saxony

What was also important today: In a letter published today, the Federal Government’s Corona Expert Council recommended measures to the traffic light coalition to prevent a new wave of COVID-19 infections in the fall. First, the “Spiegel” talked about it. Due to vaccination gaps and the decreasing protection of previous vaccinations, the German healthcare system is threatened with a new overload in the fall.

City of Leipzig announces cultural subsidy for freelancers

Freelance artists and other cultural workers can apply to the city of Leipzig for a three-month work grant until June 20. The scholarship is to be launched by October 1 this year and is endowed with 3,000 euros each, so that the scholarship holders receive 1,000 euros per month.

Applications must be submitted to the cultural department of the city. In its publication, the office explicitly points out that Ukrainian refugees can also apply for the scholarship, provided they meet the application requirements. The requirements can be viewed on the city’s website.

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