Financial Aid: Overview: What are the scholarships for students in Graz?

When it comes to scholarships, many students mentally turn off immediately – keyword: “It’s only for the smartest anyway”. It doesn’t have to be like that. Because even if in the allocation of scholarships, of course certain criterion you don’t have to be the next Albert Einstein or have an IQ of 130 to be eligible for a scholarship. Even if a good performance is generally not insignificant: it should not be the only criterion for awarding a scholarship.

What types of scholarships are there?

Basically, there are in Austria next to Federal-, too state subsidies such as Individual University Scholarships Where establishments and company. In order to keep this review article as compact as possible, we have focused on federal funding (which you can apply for via or at your college or university) as well as a selection of scholarship opportunities. studies at various colleges and universities in Graz.

What scholarships are there at the federal level?

For example, there would be Deserved scholarship, which mainly concerns the average grades for the following two semesters. To receive such a scholarship, outstanding achievement is usually required – however, the average always depends on how many students of a course apply. Since you have nothing to lose, you should definitely give it a try.

Another option is a to agree. It is an option for students who need financial support, for example to research their thesis or to create an artistic or scientific work.

Anyone who is or has ever been employed before or during their studies can, for example, Stand-Alone Scholarship apply for.

And those who are about to complete their studies and who have worked or looked after their children during this period can enroll in the final phase End-of-studies scholarship receive.

Graz: Where can you apply for which scholarship?

In addition to the federal scholarships presented, there are also various scholarship opportunities from the various colleges and universities in Graz. A selection:

Financial support for scientific work is also of interest to many students. Regardless of the college or university attended, the Chamber of Labor Styria Annual grants in this area:

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