Incentive Scholarships: CEGEP Social Work Students Say They’ve Forgotten

This program was set up to combat the shortage on the labor market in sectors such as care and education and includes dozens of higher vocational and university courses. At the college level, students in a targeted program can receive up to $9,000. However, social work engineering is not part of the courses offered by the government.

For the teachers and students of the technical training social work at the Cégep de Sherbrooke, this is nonsense, as the lack of workers is palpable on the ground.

They claim that social work technicians are present in all health network settings and often support the services offered in community organizations. For this reason, they got the support of the support member for Sherbrooke Christine Labrie, who launched a petition on the National Assembly site.

This program is not eligible at this time, even though there is an urgent need for social work technicians, both in community organizations and in social services such as youth protection or senior care homeregrets the Commissioner.

What we fear is dissatisfaction with the program, even though the students are in so much demand that there are organizations trying to pick them up before they even graduate.

A quote from Christine Labrie, Solidarity MNA for Sherbrooke

Towards a worsening labor shortage?

Teachers and students also fear that the grant program will actually increase the labor shortage in social organizations. According to them, CEGEP students do indeed opt for comparable techniques with which they can participate in the program, such as the technique in special education.

The situation worries social work student Janis Leclerc-Dinelle, who recalls that social organizations like Partage St-François are already struggling to find staff.

Partage St-François mainly employs technicians. […] If everyone moves to techniques where we have access to scholarships because it’s always a question of money there will be a lot less social work techniciansshe notes.

It is currently missing. I position myself in five years, I cannot keep an organization at a distance on my ownshe adds.

Students in programs targeted by the government of François Legault will be eligible for Perspective Québec scholarships beginning in the fall of 2022.

With information from Fanny Geoffrion

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