The University of Greifswald awards scholarships to 55 students

Greifswald.Andreas Moll had not yet started his studies when he applied for a scholarship. So the 32-year-old didn’t have high hopes in the fall of 2017 when he threw his name in the ring to get the €300 purse. But his story, as unspectacular as it is awe-inspiring, shows why the ex-military father and bank clerk is among the students who have been awarded the university’s Deutschland scholarship for the second time.

Learn more after the announcement

Learn more after the announcement

The German scholarship is funded equally by sponsors and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Any student can apply (see box). This year, 172 students made an effort, 55 are now relieved thanks to the support available in Greifswald since 2011 – more than ever. The university decides who will be funded. Prerequisites are, for example, a social commitment, a special personal situation or outstanding achievements – the latter could show Moll, short brown hair, a well-groomed three-day beard, a gray sweater on a simple T-shirt.

Second chance of education after army and training

After graduating from high school, he joined the navy at 18 and became a father at 20. “Today I am studying second chance education,” he says. After eight years in the army in Wilhelmshaven, he trained as a bank clerk in Greifswald, graduated in 2013 as the best in his class, became more and more interested in business and knew that he wanted to study. Born in Greifswald, he completed his Abitur in three years, funded by student loans and housing allowances. The Abitur would have welded him and his daughter together because the two of them could talk about homework, grades and studying, recalls Moll. In 2017, I graduated with a grade of 1.0.

Learn more after the announcement

Learn more after the announcement

Today, he is studying business administration for a degree in the third semester and welcomes the extra money in his account. But it’s more than a question of euros – it’s also a question of recognition. “When I held the notification in my hand, tears of joy came to my eyes. This recognition is incredible, a feeling of indescribable beauty.

Its sponsor, the Höffner company of Berlin, which is owned by Krieger Projektentwicklung GmbH, is enthusiastic about their scholarship holder. “Mr. Moll is reliable and has already proven himself during an internship in the company. We appreciate his down-to-earth attitude and are happy to be able to support him,” says Richard Lehmann-Brauns, project manager at Krieger and Molls.

Richard Lehmann-Brauns, project manager at Krieger Projektentwicklung GmbH, is delighted with the support of Andreas Moll.

The company participates in the German stock market because it wants to know and support young executives. “We can also make our various divisions better known, from logistics to e-commerce,” says Lehmann-Brauns. He became a kind of role model for Moll. An interlocutor from whom Moll learns how the company acts and functions, and to whom he tells about his studies.

Companies, associations and individuals fund the scholarship

Besides Höffner, sponsors of the University of Greifswald include other companies as well as foundations such as the Peter Warschow Collective Foundation. In addition to the German scholarship, there are other funding options, for example political foundations.

Learn more after the announcement

Learn more after the announcement

To outsiders, Andreas Moll seems like an all-rounder who falls on his knees with good grades, a successful education and responsibilities. “Others think it will be fine. But I can’t think like that,” he says. Only he would see ten-hour days and the willingness to invest time each day, minus his family, friends, and classmates. “But I consider it my duty to prove myself again and again.” He calls the stock market “forward-looking investing” and sounds like a typical business economist. “After all, I have a business degree,” he says with a smile.

Scholarship Application

The financing of the Deutschland-Stipendium amounts to 300 euros. Any student can apply. Exceptional grades are not necessarily required for this, social and societal commitment or special personal circumstances also play a role. The university reallocates the scholarship every year for the winter semester. The number of scholarship students depends on the total number of students and the scholarships received. Applicants must be in the standard study period for at least two additional semesters. Contact for advice: 03834 420 1357. Further information can be found at:

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