What is competitive intelligence and why is it important for businesses?

Offering modern technological solutions and maintaining a close relationship with customers are some of the main objectives of Grupo Senff, a company that in its 130 years of history has managed to establish itself in the retail sector. retail by offering high quality products with an optimized and efficient service, which would be possible without the digital age and Business Intelligence processes.

In the Papo Raiz PodCast, the organization’s institutional and business relations sector manager, Marco Senff, and IT director, Everton Dzikovicz, comment on how Grupo Senff learned to face digital transformations and understood the importance of invest in Business Intelligence, to build successful actions for the future of the company.

Since its foundation, Grupo Senff has always sought to develop its business and in 2020 it officially became a bank, one of the most successful in terms of comprehensive financial solutions for companies and individuals. According to Marco Senff, valuing the human being, always sketching out strategies to know how to deal with changes in the market and in technology, with decision-making based on data, have been the turning points for the company to be able to to establish itself in the retail sector and soon to devote itself as a pioneer of payment by facial recognition in Brazil!

“We grew organically and all actions are very well planned based on precise calculations, so we keep control of the business and give credit to the customer in a prudent way,” Senff said.

Due to the competitiveness and the new demands that the business world demands for the establishment of a company, the Senff Group has over the years focused much of its attention on heavy investments in technology and tools and, today, it brings real data not only to more than 3.5 million customers, but also to its employees, as CIO Everton Dzikovicz explains.

“We started to find a way to provide numbers to people via a data analysis tool (Power BI). We are doing this so that the employee also sees new forms of business, giving new meaning to work of these professionals,” he said.

Adhering to new solutions, such as Business Intelligence, offered by the information technology market and learning to cope with the setbacks of digital transformation, Senff was able to understand the needs of the target audience, make service processes faster and more precise and achieve growth in an organic and healthy way, without neglecting the essence of business management that it has had since its inception.

What is Business Intelligence?

Aimed at promoting the operational performance of a company, Business Intelligence is an important intelligence process that will help an entrepreneur when making strategic decisions, based on the analysis of historical and current data on the management of the company and the target audience for which it is intended.

This Business Intelligence process is part of the digital transformation and, for the representative of the Senff Group, Marco Senff, a company is constituted from this digital and technological change, which are the means and not the end to achieve a certain objective in the world. of Business. “The end is the company’s relationship with the customer,” he said during the Papo Raiz podcast interview.

How important is data to a business?

All organizations that intend to grow and establish themselves in the market seek to identify opportunities and learn how to meet investment demands. For Grupo Senff’s CIO, Everton Dzikovicz, and for entrepreneur Marco Senff, digital transformation and Business Intelligence tools are important, as they will stimulate an ever better service to the end consumer and make a company always ahead of the competition.

To better understand this scenario, Marco explained how all the online techniques and tools work at Senff. “Online is a bigger challenge because in this environment we have multiple payment methods, but our penetration is increasing every day and we are concerned about that. There is a change in buying behavior regardless of social class and we are preparing for it by always thinking about the next step we are going to take,” he said.

What is the main purpose of Business Intelligence?

The main objective of using Business Intelligence tools is to collect internal and external data of an organization so that managers can analyze it and, thus, guide an assertive methodology for business development and growth.

The use of Business Intelligence, according to IT Director, Everton Dzikovicz, greatly facilitates a company’s strategic planning, as was the case with Senff, which today works to provide innovative solutions for retail, in a simple and agile way.

“It’s important for people to have their own business to understand what it’s really like to run a business and, of course, to value the quality of service, which is the key to success.” (Everton Dzikovicz, IT Director Grupo Senff)

How to do economic intelligence?

During the conversation with Papo Raiz, the director of information technologies of Grupo Senff explained that if a professional has knowledge in the Excel program, he will be able to obtain a result very close to the monitoring of the data generated with the use of ‘business intelligence tools, however, this analysis process would take place more slowly.

“The only problem is that in this case the professional will take a lot more time and when he has to enter more data, he will practically have to redo the work. With Business Intelligence, the data completion is ready. (CIO , Everton Dzikovicz)

At Grupo Senff, learning to quickly identify the market and consumer trends that have accompanied the transformation and use of digital technologies has been what has further encouraged the entire company team to embrace Business Intelligence at the over the years and therefore has an even greater business impact.

“In 2000, when we sold the market, we were already making our own credit card. At that time, either you were very big or you created your own sales card and that was already a huge boost to the average ticket,” said Marco Senff.

This average ticket the entrepreneur was referring to is one of many metrics that provide the average value of sales per customer based on a history, widely used to analyze the financial health of a business.

What are the benefits of Business Intelligence?

For Everton Dzikovicz, it is necessary to distribute IT services – among them, Business Intelligence – in all areas of a company, such as financial, commercial, marketing and operational so that users interact directly with the tools.

It also signals that few companies are using Business Intelligence, and if they do, it’s a high-level operation. “You don’t see, for example, people working with data indicators in the operation areas, but they should,” the IT director said.

Adhering to Business Intelligence will ensure that a business gets many benefits, such as: making good decisions; minimize market risks; facilitate management planning; in addition to retaining customers by responding to their requests as best as possible.

“With Business Intelligence, you can visualize what is out of the ordinary and, thus, find a diagnosis and make an action plan adapted to the company”. (Everton Dzikovicz, IT Director at Grupo Senff)

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