Mélenchon’s spokesman says ‘engine’ inspired left-wing union in France

In an interview with the Lusa agency, in Seine-Saint-Denis, in the northern suburbs of Paris, in his last campaign action before the first round of legislative elections, Alexis Corbière underlined this Sunday that the Portuguese experience of the ‘ geingonça’ was a “fulcrum” for the creation of the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (NUPES), a coalition led by Mélenchon which brings together parties such as La France insoumise, the French Socialist Party, the Europa Ecologia party Os Verdes and the Communist Party.

“The ‘stuff’ showed that, even if they didn’t agree with everything that was being done, there were pockets of resistance, because it often felt that in Europe there was no there were only liberals to command, even [a ex-chanceler alemã, Angela] Merkel or [o primeiro-ministro britânico, Boris] Johnson,” said Mélenchon’s spokesperson.

The MEP also mentioned that, in the face of these political personalities, Portugal showed that “there was a country that was resisting” and that it was “trying to put into practice policies” which, in the eyes of its party and the “echoes received by France”, were “very positive”.

“I think you had a debate on the decriminalization of cannabis, for example, which was a source of inspiration for us in our own parliamentary debates, because we said very often, ‘look, it’s done in Portugal , a similar country with France,” he said.

Corbière however considered that, if the NUPES wins the legislative elections of 12 and 19 June by an absolute majority, it will do a “more coherent and stronger” job than the Portuguese “geingonça”, because the measures it presents in its program are “more rigorous and get to the root of the problems”.

“We are in the electoral campaign and this is not the time to enter into polemics (…), but perhaps the Portuguese socialist government – although it is a left socialist – has not confronted the difficulties in the same way as us. [iremos enfrentar]if we win,” he said.

However, Corbière, who is seeking re-election this Sunday in the 7th constituency of Seine-Saint-Denis, reiterated that the machine “was very useful at the time” when it existed, because it allowed the emergence of “counter- models”.

“When you want to change the world, it’s important to have counter-models to be able to say: ‘our Portuguese friends are doing this, our Spanish friends are doing this, our Argentinian friends are going through this, our Brazilian friends – when [o ex-presidente, Luiz Inácio] Lula da Silva directed — that”, he reinforced.

All these examples, according to Mélenchon’s spokesperson, make it possible “to argue and say that what is obvious for liberals is not real evidence, and that there are many people in the world who are looking for other solutions to universally solve the problem of social justice, climate protection and to make citizens actors of their own destiny”.

“It’s still the same problems all over the world,” he said.

NUPES is an electoral coalition led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon which brings together several left-wing parties, sharing a common program and overcoming historic rivalries between radical left-wing parties, such as La France insoumise, and pro-European social-democratic parties, like the French socialist.

The agreement, signed in May, was seen as a reproduction of the Popular Front – a coalition of left-wing parties in France which between 1936 and 1938 governed the country, with socialist Léon Blum as prime minister – and the Common Programme. , in reference to an agreement signed by the PS and the Communist Party in 1972, and which began to be put into practice under the presidency of François Mitterrand, from 1981.

The current agreement was born of the initiative of La France insoumise, led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon who, in the first round of the presidential election, on April 11, collected 21.95% of the votes, making him the leader uncontested of the left in France.

France Insubmissa belongs to the same European family as the Left Bloc and the PCP, called Confederal Group of the European Unified Left.

On April 12, 2018, France Insubmissa, the Bloco de Esquerda and the Spanish Podemos party launched a European political movement entitled “Now the people”, which wanted to be a “concrete alternative, with the people at the center”. a new European cooperation”

French legislative elections are held on June 12 and 19, operating on the basis of a two-round uninominal ballot.

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