Amazon on fire: from the “passage of the herd” to the disappearance of Bruno Pereira and Dom Phillips

In May 2020, Minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) Celso de Mello made public the entirety of a meeting between Bolsonaro (PL) and all his ministers at the time. In addition to the “bar talk” vibe revealed by the recording, a speech by then-Minister of the Environment, Ricardo Salles, caught the eye.

With the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, Salles defended that now was the perfect time to take advantage and “pass the herd” under all the regulations for the preservation of the Amazon. And the herd passed and continued through the door.

The ex-Minister of the Environment almost left his ministry in handcuffs, but, even if he fell, he left a cursed legacy which continues to be perpetrated by the Bolsonaro government and which has resulted in several barbarisms against indigenous peoples and, more recently, in the disappearance of the servant of the National Indian Foundation (Funai), Bruno Pereira, and of the English journalist Dom Phillips, correspondent for The Guardian in Brazil.

The title of this article refers directly to the 1990s film “Amazônia em Chamas”, which tells the story of the politician and environmentalist Chico Mendes, assassinated because of his work in defense of the forest. Sadly, many more bodies fell after Mendes and now, more than ever, the Amazon is sinking in flames from fires, deforestation and illegal mining.

timeline of barbarism

“We must privatize everything we can,” he said, justifying that the measure is necessary because the Ministry of the Environment is the smallest for 21 years, thus compromising inspection actions.

Salles said that “Brazil is behind” and that the country “must privatize”, in addition to stating that “the private sector does it better and cheaper and that is why the liberal agenda is necessary in Brazil”.

“I’m not going to use the word privatize, I’m going to use better efficiency and I say, for example, national parks. These spaces need restaurants, parking lots, paths, toilets, security, and for that they need someone who knows how to do it well and has the money to do it, that’s where the private sector comes in,” the minister said.

According to the research, starting in March, when the pandemic took hold in Brazil, the Bolsonaro government intensified its policy of environmental deregulation.

The study shows that of the 57 measures adopted by the Bolsonaro government to weaken environmental legislation or regular bodies, at least half of them were enacted between March and September 2020, a period that researchers consider to be when “the cattle have passed”, according to the minister. Room Terms.

In the same period, again according to the study, there was a 72% reduction in environmental fines, despite an increase in deforestation recorded in regions such as the Amazon and the Pantanal. Researchers point to funding cuts from bodies such as Ibama and ICMBio as factors responsible for the reduced number of fines.

The delegate of the Federal Police Alexandre Saraiva, dismissed from the PF of Amazonas after presenting a crime report to the Federal Supreme Court against the Minister of the Environment, Ricardo Salles, participated this Monday (26) in a public hearing in the Participatory Legislation Commission (CLP) . ) and Commission for Human and Minority Rights (CDH) of the Chamber of Deputies.

During the session, Saraiva said that “the minister legitimized the action of criminals” in the Amazon by commenting on the complaint filed against Salles. The delegate said there had been an increase in land grabbing in the last period.

Hugo Leonardo Mota Ferreira, an environmental analyst at Ibama, was removed from his office and had his computer confiscated. The server has published a document in which it denounces that the model of reconciliation of fines, created two years ago by the Minister Ricardo Salles, is a failure, since it applied less than 2% of the environmental assessments of the period.

The Chamber of Deputies approved Thursday at dawn (13) the replacement of Bill 3729/2004 by Deputy Neri Geller (PP-MT), by 300 votes to 122, with the support of Centrão and the Bolsonarists. In practice, the PL restricts, weakens or in some cases even extinguishes the need for an environmental license in the country.

Former Environment Minister Ricardo Salles was searched and arrested by the Federal Police (PF). Among the crimes allegedly committed are the practice of corruption, administrative law, embezzlement and, above all, the facilitation of smuggling.

Under the name of Operação Akuanduba, approximately 160 federal police officers execute 35 search and seizure warrants in the Federal District and in the states of São Paulo and Pará. The measures were determined by the Federal Supreme Court (STF). In order, Moraes highlights Salles’ relationship to “a serious scheme of facilitation and smuggling of forest products”

Amazon on fire

In three years of Bolsonaro government, Brazil has suffered a setback of 30 years in the socio-environmental field. This is shown by the dossier launched by Sinal de Fumaça, a platform that systematizes data and facts on the Brazilian socio-environmental crisis every week.

According to data collected by the Deforestation Alert System (SAD), of the Instituto do Homem e Meio Ambiente da Amazônia (Imazon), the deforestation recorded in the Amazon in 2021 was the worst in a decade. The result shows the total disregard for the environment of the government of Jair Bolsonaro (PL).

The published information that deforestation in the Amazon in the last 12 months was the highest since 2006 has dealt another blow to the reputation of the staggering government of Jair Bolsonaro, considered worldwide as a threat to the environment. However, a discreet data that appears in the reports of the Project of monitoring deforestation in legal Amazonia by Satellite-Prodes, of the National Institute for Space Research (Inpe), revealed that the material was ready since October 27, four days before the start of COP-26, the United Nations climate summit, takes place in Glasgow, Scotland.

Continuing the Bolsonaro government’s policy of “passing the cattle”, illegal gold mining in the Indigenous Land Sararé, which lies between Pontes and Lacerda (MT), has increased in recent years and this may alter the local ecosystem. .

There are currently three illegal mines in the area, which have caused environmental damage. In addition to producing deforestation, the action pollutes the soil and water.

More than 20 residents of the community where the 12-year-old indigenous girl was raped and killed by minors are still missing. On social networks, activists, artists and civil society are demanding answers “Where are the Yanomami”?

Amazon: deforestation increases by 56.6% under the Bolsonaro government, according to Ipam

According to a survey carried out by the Environmental Institute of the Amazon (Ipam), between August 2018 and July 2021, deforestation in the Amazon increased by 56.6% compared to the same period in previous years.

The state of Pará continues to have the most critical areas of deforestation since 2017.

Indigenist Bruno Pereira and journalist Dom Philips, correspondent for The Guardian in Brazil, are missing after going on a mission to visit communities and work in the field. Pereira has been the target of threats.

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