An Inuk wins a Quebec Youth Recognition Award

Mr. Kuata says he is pleased and honored to receive this award, which recognizes his commitment. It’s really phenomenalhe says, did that hit his role as role model for young people in his community Be recognized.

– c’est spécial”,”text”:”Je suis heureux [d’être le lauréat] dans cette nouvelle catégorie– c’est spécial”}}”>I’m happy [d’être le lauréat] in this new category it is specialhe explains.

In addition to his participation in the social circus company Tupiq Act, Mr. Kuata also circus instructor. He passes on his passion and knowledge through the social circus summer camp program, which welcomes 40 to 50 young people.

It is important to be able to teach [les arts du cirque] youthnotes Mr. Kuata.

Kamp shows children that they can do whatever they want […] and ensures that they are not afraid of the scene.

A quote from Saali Kuata

In particular, he teaches them certain techniques of acrobatics and tricks. Do it yourself many things during the performances of Tupiq Act. mr. Kuata recalls starting his career around age 16 while attending a circus summer camp in northern Quebec.

At the age of 18, he left Kuujjuaq, where he grew up, to continue his university studies. He attended John Abbott College, where he took social studies first and then drama. In this program, he chose to focus on engineering, including lighting and stage construction. I didn’t want to be an actor, I wanted to be a technicianhe admits.

However, Mr. Kuata dropped out of school to devote himself fully to his career in the circus. The company Tupiq Act makes shows that bring together artistes”,”text”:”entre quatre et sixartistes”}}”>four to six artistsWe try to create a path to show that it is possible for Aborigines to do circus arts, insists Mr. Kuata.

A company focused on Inuit culture

The mission of the Inuit circus company Tupiq Act is to promote the Inuit language, culture, traditions and arts through circus arts.

We want to do what we want and we hope [être reconnus] as full-time professional artistshe said. We have a mandate to preserve our culturehe adds.

For this reason, interventions during Tupiq Act shows in Inuktitut, our languageso to promote and represent ourselvessays Mr. Kuata.

The company has already offered many circus performances in the North. She also produced a show presented in Montreal last October. This circus group exists to tell our stories and to help spread the word about Inuit culture. Tupiq Act also plans to host its show in Quebec.

The whole process aims to build bridges between cultures.

A quote from Saali Kuata

From a physical point of view, circus arts help Mr. Kuata to strengthen his body. But he also believes they are spirit focus on oneself like a child† The circus mainly allows him to remember his language

The circus helps me a lotconcludes Mr. Kuata.

A total of 11 Youth Recognition awards were presented on 25 May to honor the commitment of young people and youth workers. These awards are divided into five categories: the Youth Awards, the Aboriginal Youth Award, the Youth Worker Award, the Emmett-Johns Award (to reward outstanding contribution to youth), and the Coup de cœur award.

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