Holiday week: 1,600 vacancies in MS competitions and selections are available with salaries reaching R$12,000

This week with long holidays, Mato Grosso do Sul has 1,600 vacancies in competitions and selective processes for people looking for an opportunity in several cities of the state.

There are vacancies at all levels and for professionals such as doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists, military and other positions, with salaries of up to R$12,000. There are also opportunities for interns in some cities.


IBGE has opened registration for a further screening process, with 1,003 vacancies in MS, for the temporary hiring of enumerators for the 2022 census. Vacancies are for the full elementary level.

The opportunities include several municipalities in the state, as well as settlements and indigenous lands (TI). Registration continues until next Wednesday (15), free of charge. The distribution of vacancies can be checked here.

Remuneration being based on production, it can vary according to the time devoted to the work and the degree of difficulty in approaching the households. IT IS possible to calculate an estimate in this simulator. Interested parties should access the IBGE portal and register via the virtual form.

Regional Hospital

To work at MS Regional Hospital, the SES (State Health Department) has opened up 15 vacancies for Adult Critical Care Physicians. The remuneration of approved persons is R$12,025.00.

There will be 14 vacancies for the general competition and 1 for PwD (Person with Disabilities). The salary will be BRL 2,863.12, plus an additional role of BRL 3,149.43, for a total of BRL 6,012.55. In addition to unhealthy work premium, night premium, medical productivity, extraordinary shifts and unsafe work premium, which may be granted to the contractor, in accordance with applicable legislation.

The deadline to apply is June 19 on the MS government tender site, at this link. The application form must be sent by e-mail to

vacancies for physiotherapists

The SES (Secretary of State for Health) has also opened 36 vacancies for physiotherapists to work at HRMS. The remuneration is R$ 2,362.07. There are 30 hours per week, exercised in the normal working hours of state public offices or in a working schedule in the scales of service.

In addition to the fixed salary, the remuneration includes an unhealthy work bonus, an extraordinary shift bonus and an increase for night work, which may be granted to the contractor, in accordance with the applicable legislation.

Those interested can apply until June 13 on the MS government tender site, at this link.

University Hospital

Humap (Maria Aparecida Pedrossian University Hospital) has an open selection process with 15 vacancies for doctors in Campo Grande.

According to the notice, the vacancies are for anesthetists, with a salary of R$8,984.81 for a 24-hour work week.

Applications are online, on the Ebserh website, maintainer of Humap, at this link. The deadline to apply ends at 10:59 p.m. on Monday (13). O Review available by clicking here.

Sergeant training course

The PMMS (Military Police of Mato Grosso do Sul) has opened 332 vacancies for the internal selection of the basic sergeants training course. Enrollment will be distributed according to seniority and intellectual merit.

According to the public notice, there will be 262 places distributed according to seniority criteria, 65 for intellectual merit and 5 for the Musical Corps of the State Corporation. Sergeants, who have not yet completed the Sergeant Training Course for the position, will also be able to register for the event if they meet the requirements. in this notice.

Navy Training School

The Merchant Navy has registrations open for the selection process, aimed at admission to Efomm (Training Schools for Merchant Navy Officers) in Ciaga (Almirante Graça Aranha Instruction Center in Rio de Janeiro/RJ) and Ciaba ( Almirante Braz Aguiar training center in Belém/PA) .

According to the notice, there are 263 vacancies, including 144 vacancies for Ciaga (south, mid-west and south-east regions) and 119 vacancies for Ciaba (north and north-east). Students receive a monthly stipend, food and accommodation during the academic period and the teaching internship, among others.

You Those interested can apply until 10:59 p.m. on the 15th, on this link. A fee of R$65 is charged. The public notice can also be checked on the registration link.

Applicants will be assessed with a knowledge exam, psychophysical screening, physical sufficiency test, and document adaptation and verification. In Mato Grosso do Sul, the first three stages take place in Corumbá, in the Pantanal River Harbor Office.



The Eldorado mayoral competition has 112 vacancies in different areas. Salaries start at R$1,200 and can go up to R$5,600.

According to the public notice, for positions where there is only one reserve registration, only the first ten placed in the objective written test will be called for the other vacant positions, respecting the descending order of grade, including ties for the last post.

The competition will be organized by Fapec (Foundation to support research, education and culture) and the full public notice is available on the establishment’s website. Applications will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. on July 25, 2022 (official MS time), online only on this link.


The Jaraguari prefecture opened the registration for the competition with 9 vacancies and reserves the registration for various positions, with salaries reaching R$3.6 thousand. Applications close June 27.

According to the public notice, the positions are for the elementary, intermediate or technical and higher levels. Schedules vary between 20 and 40 hours per week. Consult the job board and the complete announcement by clicking here.

Registrations must be made by the IPPEC website, organizer of the eventwith fees of R$ 50.00 for the elementary level, R$ 80.00 for intermediate or technical, and R$ 120.00 for superior.


Bodoquena Town Hall has open registration for the selection of health surveillance officers, with vacancies for the formation of reserve files and salaries of R$1,400.

According to the notice, the requirement is that the candidate has completed high school and CNH “B”. The basic salary is BRL 1,458.08 for 40 hours per week. O The review can be checked at this link, starting on page 43.

Registration takes place at the headquarters of the Municipal Health Service, at Rua Manoel R. Oliveira, nº 1.020, until Monday (13), from 7:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. and from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Nova Andradina

The Municipality of Nova Andradina has opened a simplified selection process for the temporary hiring of 4 gynecologists.

The workload is 20 hours per week, with a base salary of R$3,466.27, plus a bonus for health productivity, up to 150% of the base, depending on the achievement of the established objectives.

Registration continues until June 15, from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., in the human resources area of ​​the Paço Municipal. The notice can be viewed by clicking here.

Internship in Campo Grande

Agência Super Estágios has 100 vacancies for internships in administration, accounting and social communication, pedagogy, law and production engineering for Campo Grande. Interns will have scholarships ranging from R$800 to R$1,000, a workload of 6 hours per day, morning or afternoon.

Places to be filled are offered to students studying from the 1st year of higher education, from the age of 16. In addition to the scholarship, the internship offers daily travel vouchers.

To apply, interested parties must register through the app. or website, on this link. Anyone with questions can contact us by phone (67) 3211-2022 or WhatsApp (67) 99219-3672.


The Campo Grande law firm has 50 vacancies for law school interns. According to the agency, the hiring will be carried out by Mascarenhas Barbosa Advogados.

Vacancies are open to university students attending from the 1st semester. The workload of the internship is 5 hours per day, with the possibility of permanent placement. The value of the scholarship is R$675.00 and R$100.00 for transportation assistance.

Students must register for free at application Where on the Super Stages website at this link. The CV should be sent to the email

If you have any questions, you can contact Super Estágios by phone (67) 3211-2022 or (67) 99219-3672 (WhatsApp).

Law internships

The TJMS (Court of Justice of Mato Grosso do Sul) has opened the registrations for the selection process of trainees of the Law Schools in the districts of Batayporã and Jardim.

According to the agency, students regularly enrolled in public and private institutions, from the first to the penultimate semester, can participate in the selection process. Registration can be done at the respective secretariats of the Forums, open from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

The internship will last for one year and the exercise will be 5 hours a day, Monday to Friday. The trainee will receive a monthly allowance and a transport allowance, in an amount fixed by the administration of the Court of Justice. Applications for Batayporã close on June 30 and for Jardim on June 24.

Tender SAD authorized

The government of Mato Grosso do Sul has authorized the holding of a public contest of tests and titles with 100 vacancies for the organizational director of the SAD (Secretariat of Administration and Debureaucratization).

According to the publication in DOE-MS (Official State Journal), from page 5, the vacancies are divided between the positions of purchasing and supply analyst (20), accounting analyst (20) and organization and personnel manager (60). The starting salary for the position is R$5,800.

A specific notice should be published soon, bringing further information about the event, such as salaries, hours and tuition.

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