One week to go until scholarship and housing applications close

Grants and student housing are not awarded automatically every academic year. Prospective graduates must prepare a social student file before Sunday 15 May 2022, the latest deadline.

They are very busy right now, immersed in their revisions and stressed by the approach of the baccalaureate exams, but the high school students who are latecomers need to find the time to protect their backs. These future students must create a DSE, the Student Social File. This is a scholarship and student housing application that must be submitted for each academic year.

Secondary students have until Sunday 15 May 2022 to compile their DSE, the social student file. Rudigues Sautron, President of UNEF-Reunion, warns them:

If they do that afterwards, they will not be given priority for housing, they will receive the scholarship too late and they will have to advance their registration fee (ie 170 euros for a license) and also the student life and campus contribution that is this year 95 euros.

Find the interview of Rudigues Sautron, President of the UNEF-Réunion, on Réunion La 1ère:

The social file is essential

A request to be made to the CROUS (known as “of origin”), that is, the academy where the student studies, even if he wants to join another academy. He is his only interlocutor.

Each student can only submit one application, even if they are a candidate for admission to multiple institutions or if they are applying for multiple scholarships, regardless of the academy.

Registration is done online through the portal:

Prospective students are invited,

– in advance, to check their eligibility on

– to then create or update their account at

– to enter their Student Social File (DSE)

– and to collect and add all supporting documents

(their tax opinion, that of their parents, their proof of education and that of their siblings if they are also students, etc.)

Once the file is complete, they don’t need to take any further steps.

If it is incomplete, an email will be sent to them asking them to submit the missing documents in the follow-up to their file at

The processing of the initial file takes between 1 month and 3 months.

A conditional scholarship notification will be sent to their institution by email. Upon confirmation of registration by his institution, the high school student will receive their final notification and the scholarship payment will be generated.

In the meantime, be careful, you should not wait for the results of the sup course to submit your student file before May 15, because, as Rudrigues Sautron, present at UNEF-Reunion, reminds us, “wherever the high school student goes to study, he can be eligible for a scholarship and apply for housing. If you’re enrolled in one academy and studying in another, the changes will be made automatically.”

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