The reactions of the winners of the Portuguese Cup

Handball celebrated at the Palace of Congresses and Sports of Matosinhos

With the victory of the 16th Portuguese Cup in Leonine history guaranteed, with a sweaty and emotional triumph against FC Porto (35-36), the party unfolded in shades of green and white on the court of the Palace of Congresses and Sports of Matosinhos. . As soon as they heard the last horn, the players and the technical team moved to the bench to celebrate with the many Sportinguistas present, before reporting their first emotions to Sporting TV and, later, in the press conference. who followed.

Ricardo Costa

“I want to congratulate my athletes. It’s an important title, we are a young team, in training, and throughout the season we had the feeling that we did a lot of things well. However, at a big club, if you don’t win, there’s no point in saying you’re doing well. This title is important for the affirmation of a group of young athletes who want to grow and succeed in Portuguese handball. I also consider myself a young coach, with seven or eight years of experience, I still have a lot to learn, but it was important to win this title”.

“We beat the best SL Benfica and the best FC Porto in history. I don’t remember a cup like that, it was a great promotion for Portuguese handball. In injury time, the victory could have come back to both sides, but it came back to ours as we improved in the second stoppage time and took a two-goal lead which was important until the end I thank the players for their dedication and dedication way of being, it makes me happy because it’s a fantastic group”.


“About a month ago I made a whirlwind interview at Sporting TV where tears welled up in my eyes because we had lost the championship. Today the feelings are mixed, I have no pride in my heart to play for this team and for my teammates. Very proud to play for Sporting CP and to lift this trophy, I hope it’s the first of a long series. This trophy is for everyone who supported us. Today, if we had to die on the pitch, that’s what we would do. There were 80 minutes of handball and it shows how competitive Portuguese handball is, this match was a handball anthem”.

Francisco Costa

“The feeling is inexplicable. We are very happy, it was something we really wanted and we got it. In the last moments, whoever failed could lose, there was very little time left to finish the game and we couldn’t attack because we were all very tired. He could have fallen anywhere, but he fell for us and we are very happy. We never threw the towel on the floor and when we had the chance, we went to get them”.

Martin Costa

“Very happy. It was a fight, 80 minutes of very hot handball. With two games in two days, it was tough, but I felt this victory very well. We deserved it, we did it , we are a great team. First of many? I hope”.

Francisco Tavares

“Anyone who understands handball knows the value of the teams we faced yesterday and today. At the start of the season everyone looked at our team and maybe we were the ones who were more behind, but with the work , everything is possible and today was a demonstration that Sporting CP is alive and Leonino handball will create problems for everyone who plays against us I’m happy for me, because I felt I was already missing a title, and for all those who train daily with me and fight to win titles. There are guys who had never won a title and that is part of the growth of the team. It was a fight, I don’t remember having played a match like that, but it was like what we did this year, it was very long Ending like that and knowing that we went on vacation with a title it’s fine. We just want to party and enjoy it.

Josep Folques

“We’ve been preparing for these games for some time and we got in shape, to the point where we managed to go through two extra times. I can’t explain it, we deserved it because it took us a year of hard work, we were the team that trained the most. Now let’s celebrate.

Carlos Ruesga

“It’s very special because it’s my first Portuguese Cup. I think in recent years we have deserved it, but this season we have worked hard from day one and we have been the team that has produced the most greats. We deserved this award, just like our fans. Getting back to the titles is very important, but we have to keep working to make it happen again. Fan support? We were almost the whole match behind and the Sportinguistas pushed us in the most difficult moments. We finished the season in the best possible way, I’m very happy”.

Nathan Suarez

“It’s the first title of my career and it’s spectacular, now I want to win them all. In the most difficult moments, we were able to manage the game, despite the injuries, but nothing beat the hearts of Sporting CP, who fought until the end. We deserved it, for the time we did, to win at least one trophy. I hope this will be the first of many titles.

Jonas Tidemand

“It was the icing on the cake to end the season like this. It was the toughest game I’ve ever played in the toughest place, it was crazy. But we deserve this after time what we did. We had ups and downs in Europe, but we did very well in the championship. This title is more than deserved. It’s a huge feeling, but I’m very tired.

Edmilson Araujo

“It was a very difficult period. From the beginning, the technical team and the management believed in us, we just had to do our job. We couldn’t end the season without winning a title. Long live Sporting CP! “.

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