Atos: spin-off project and departure of Rodolphe Belmer

(AOF) – Atos is studying a potential split into two publicly traded companies “to unleash its value creation potential and deploy an ambitious transformation plan”. The first entity, named SpinCo (Evidian), would be a leading player in the digital transformation, big data and cybersecurity markets, generating strong growth and high margins, with a €0.4 billion plan to drive profitable growth. speed up.

The second, TFCo (Atos) would be a leader in managed services, digital workplaces (Digital Workplace) and professional services, with an ambitious €1.1 billion plan to make a full recovery by 2026.

The proposed project involves an earlier reorganization that would be completed in the second half of 2023, before the shares of SpinCo would be marketed and distributed by the end of 2023.

The Atos management team is presenting its transformation plan today at an event for investors and financial analysts.

Bertrand Meunier, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Atos, said: “After considering a number of possible options, the Atos Board of Directors is convinced that the envisaged project, presented today by the management team, is the best possible option. is for the group. , and the one that would create the most value for all stakeholders of Atos.”

The unbundling project leads to a re-establishment of the Atos group, resulting in a significant reduction in the scope of functions and a redefinition of the mission of the Chief Executive Officer of Atos. Rodolphe Belmer acknowledges this and announces his departure.

Following these announcements, Atos appoints Nourdine Bihmane and Philippe Oliva as Deputy CEOs.


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