Benefits of investing in a gaming notebook to perform common tasks – 06/14/2022

Although it was developed primarily for gamers, anyone who thinks only that audience can benefit from the robust settings of a playbook. Whether for simple daily activities, such as working, studying and surfing the Internet, or for performing tasks that require heavy programs and the management of a large volume of information, these laptops offer excellent performance, versatility and functionality.

“Many non-gaming users have already noticed these advantages and have started to invest in this type of machine”, underlines Samuel Rodegheri, Consumer Computer Business director at Positivo Tecnologia and responsible for the 2 AM brand. Thinking about this audience, the professional listed four major benefits that justify investing in a playbook. Check!

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1. Portability

Portability is one of the main reasons to buy a laptop. But if before this feature could represent a lower performance or a much higher price, today it is not. Powerful models can be easily transported anywhere and perform various tasks, from the most daily to the most demanding, with ease, always maintaining good performance.

“With the rise of remote or hybrid working in recent years, the ability to have a rugged machine anywhere, whether at home, at work or while traveling, has become a big differentiator for the user. Worries about crashes, running out of battery and very high costs are less and less important,” says Samuel.

2. Autonomy and performance for several tasks

O playbook It also stands out for its versatility, as the user can switch between routine activities, such as work and performance meetings, and online games with friends. Plus, having a long-lasting battery gives the user greater peace of mind, even in the event of a power outage or lack of outlets.

“Common playbook we can be productive anywhere and switch between uses without worrying about machine performance. This even applies anywhere, whether on the plane, in the taxi or while traveling to a remote location,” explains the 2 AM brand manager.

3. Applications and profitability

Gaming laptops are complete systems and come with robust configurations and features, from the keyboard to the graphics card. If, at first glance, such a model may seem much more expensive than an ordinary desktop computer, this theory is often deconstructed when analyzing all the additional costs of a desktop computer, in terms of peripherals, screen and of accessories. Without forgetting the problem of the battery which, in the case of the portable system, covers all the parts and components of the machine.

“Usually a playbook It has the latest technologies on the market. Investing in a model like this means having a complete product, which will remain current even in the long term. The cost-benefit ratio is now quite advantageous and the investment is no longer as high as before,” says Samuel.

4. Performance of gaming laptops

Gaming laptops offer consumers rugged desktop performance in a convenient, portable form factor. Thanks to high-performance components, starting with the processors, these machines are able to run applications for increasingly common user activities, such as image editing and streaming, much more naturally.

“Having a machine with a powerful processor, lots of RAM and storage on state-of-the-art SSDs will provide better performance and longer life for the user, even more so in day-to-day demands. In practice, the consumer will take much longer to switch laptops and will still have a huge performance advantage” concludes Samuel.

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