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by Jorge C. Ferreira

They were mornings which were suddenly born from the wombs of dawn. A time that we spent in the clear. We hadn’t given up until the night was over. Only neon lights and psychedelic lights lived in our heads. So young and so eager to live fast. So we got involved in life. The kisses were intense. Intense were all these lost loves.

Go home, take a shower, change your clothes. The uniform for work. The other life that would last for many hours. Until the freedom bells ring. Our purest loves waiting for us. Encounters allowed before the start of life. Sometimes we slept a little before starting the night. We all knew each other. A kind of telepathy. The telephones were fixed and we had the phone booths. Pulses to count. Dating gets expensive.

There were those who made the night their life. People who lived the opposite of life. People who have prolonged their kisses through brave mornings. Create links. Unite hearts. Hands glued. Bold Encounters. Those who were different. Those who weren’t afraid to take the risk of being singled out. People with whom we also shared seats and tables. Mutual respect. Knowing how to be Arrange for this to happen.

Tobacco and beverages. The music that was fashionable. The dance that dragged on until the end of the night. The promises. The accomplishments and the failures. clandestine passions. Which was not told to anyone. The madness of running on the razor’s edge. Live music. Unexpected concerts. Tired voices. The torn floors. Smoke and fire and a woman who was not a woman and yet a special being.

the suppers. Early morning steaks. The egg on horseback. French fries. A big dose of sauce. A mug of beer. A milk flan. A coffee. Special projects. Night restaurants. Onion soup in a special bar. A blind musician in a place that has never closed. And we travel the world in the city. Learn all the ways of living and suffering. A sock with a falling knit. A leg that offers itself. Sin and divine illusion. Light and darkness. A candle that illuminates us. The sensuality of immaculate sheets. An open window on the river.

A cacilheiro that we have never caught. “The helmsman.” The southern area. The bright red. The cry of freedom. Those who arrived in Barreiro and did not cross the river. The industrial belt. The work force. Helmets. Major shipyards. The will to change. A bipolar world. The children of doctors who were going to study to become doctors. The children of the workers who made the factory wait. A world of huge differences. The inequalities that cried out in agony. Lots of tired, silent women. Very hidden cry. Lots of closed windows.

So we were formatting and changing our way of life. The wars we have fought have shaped our courage. We were learning. We were growing. We learn to shout and we can imagine the world changing. Until we’ve seen it all upside down and we’re drunk with freedom.

What do we change during life? We are as we do. Tired feet.

“What path is yours! I hope you have learned from life.

Talk about Isaurinda.

” You do not think ? Today, I am an old man who likes to think, read and write and who never goes out at night.

I answer.

“Sometimes you still have quirks… but hey, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.”

Again Isaurinda and leaves, a mocking smile.

Jorge C Ferreira Jun/2022(353)

Jorge C. Ferreira

Jorge C. Ferreira (b. 1949, Lisbon), learned to read with the Diário de Notícias before going to school. He took the business course at the old Veiga Beirão and started working when he was only 15 years old. Studied at night. He was a banker for 36 years. She took poetry workshops and creative writing classes. Since 2014, he has published a weekly column in the Jornal de Mafra. As an author, he has participated in the following works: Portuguese-French poetic anthology À Sombra do Silêncio/À L’Ombre du Silence, the Galician-Portuguese anthology Poetas do Reencontro and A Norte do Futuro, a poetic tribute to Paul Celan. In 2020, he published his first book: A Volta à Vida Á Volta do Mundo; in 2021 I sink in an immense shadow. Two books published by Poética Edições.

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