Comet Meetings Expands with the Return of Business Seminars

Building on the success of its ten meeting rooms in France and Belgium, Comet Meetings announces the opening in the first half of 2023 of a new site on the future Arboretum business campus in Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine). On 2,300 square meters, spread over four levels, the Paris SME specializing in the organization of meetings and seminars offers companies the opportunity to rent rooms for their employees with catering and entertainment services. At least 400 people can gather at the same event, making the site of Nanterre the most important space for Comet Meetings after that of Bourse in Paris.

“The environment is one of the essential components for the success of a meeting. That is why a place like Arboretum in a green environment is an opportunity for Comet”, explains Victor Carreau, CEO and co-founder of Comet Meetings. “We will be able to offer our customers, who want to get some air but don’t have the time or budget for a seminar outside Paris, a day full of encounters with the benefits of the campaign without the travel,” he explains.

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The Covid had brought a halt to the activities of Comet Meetings. But the transformation of work caused by the pandemic, marked by the rise of telecommuting, opens up new perspectives. “It is not possible to do everything remotely and companies need to come together more than ever after a period of social distancing,” adds Victor Carreau.

The good results of SMEs are proof of this. Since the resumption at the beginning of the year, a new visitor record has been welcomed every month with three times as many people compared to 2019, before the Covid. By 2022, its events have already brought together nearly 300,000 people, the same as it has been since its inception in 2017.

The turnover for 2022 should reach 30 million euros, compared to 12 million euros in 2019. Comet Meetings, which has 130 employees, is looking for people despite the current recruitment problems.

We offer our clients the opportunity to live a meeting day in Nanterre with the benefits of the countryside without the travel.

Victor Carreau CEO and Co-Founder of Comet Meetings

The opening of a new space in Madrid next August is a testament to companies’ enthusiasm for these outsourced meeting places in Europe. The Spaniards are also more adept at remote or hybrid work than the French. According to a study by the Jean Jaurès Foundation published last September, 43% of them were 100% telecommuting, compared to 34% of French workers. The Spanish government has also put in place incentives to encourage “digital nomads” to settle on the peninsula. An encouraging sign for Comet Meetings.

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