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The Stuttgart sports region sponsored twelve talents, including three athletes from the Rems-Murr district: wrestler Jello Krahmer (ASV Schorndorf), shot putter Alina Kenzel (VfL Waiblingen) and Nina Ndubuisi (SG Schorndorf).

Sportregion Stuttgart supports the “Olympic Base Stuttgart – Team Paris” campaign of the Olympic Base Promotion Company (OSP) Stuttgart. The aim of the campaign is for as many players as possible supported by OSP Stuttgart to qualify for the Olympic and Paralympic Summer Games, which will take place in Paris in 2024. In this context, the sponsorship model of the region Sporting Stuttgart has existed for almost two decades, in which selected athletes are specifically promoted. Olympic participants Tobias Unger (athletics), Tabea Alt (gymnastics) and Michaela Baschin (judo) as well as Paralympic winners Niko Kappel (para-athletics) and Maria Kühn (wheelchair basketball) have already followed this programme.

Twelve talents are promoted

Whereas previously there were usually six talents supported at the same time, the sports region council decided to double the number of scholarships from six to twelve. “These young people are ambassadors for the Stuttgart region,” says Matthias Klopfer, president of the Stuttgart sports region and mayor of Esslingen am Neckar. “I am therefore very pleased that even more top athletes than before will benefit from our funding scheme in the future.”

Support many sports

Gunter H. Fahrion, president of the Württemberg Lawn Power Sports and Tug-of-War Association and vice-president of the Stuttgart sports region, makes a similar statement: “When selecting, care was taken that not only a or two, but many different kinds of sports were taken into account.”

Bringing education and sport under one roof

Thomas Fuhry, president of the development association OSP Stuttgart, is delighted with this commitment: “The sports region of Stuttgart is an important partner for us. She has been involved in the program for almost two decades, this loyalty is exemplary.” Tim Lamsfuss, head of OSP Stuttgart, underlines how difficult the situation is for the athletes supported by the OSP: “The compatibility of activities sports with professional or school education is not always easy. That’s why it’s important to have reliable partners like Sportregion, which has supported us for many years.”

The other recipients of the sports region scholarship are: Alina Beck (BMX cycling), Timo Eder (gymnastics), Yannis Fischer (para-athletics), Johanna Göring (athletics), Katharina Menz (judo), Emelie Petz (gymnastics) , Philip Schaub (BMX cycling), Maurice Schmidt (wheelchair fencing) and Johann Vetter (archery).

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