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STIPS – five letters, an extraordinary project: sports youth scholarship of Rhineland-Palatinate. Selected young people, particularly involved in sports clubs, are supported.

Laura Lehne is the general manager of her local club Mosella Schweich. And responsible for table tennis. Voluntarily. The 22-year-old invests a lot of time and money in her engagement. To ensure some recognition, at least in monetary terms, the sports youth of Rhineland-Palatinate supports Lehne with a monthly subsidy of 100 euros for twelve months.

Laura Lehne is grateful for the support

“It helps me a lot,” says Laura Lehne, who regularly commutes between her place of study Heidelberg and her home club on the Moselle, in an interview with SWR Sport. The easiest way: 200 kilometers – this is where STIPS comes in handy. “Especially with gas prices these days,” she laughs. “With this support, I can organize my voluntary work more efficiently.”

Active against racism

Your commitment is enormous. Over the years, Laura Lehne helped found the children’s athletics division. “We now have 60 or 70 children between the ages of five and ten,” the 22-year-old explains. The success even led to the fact that a temporary freeze on admissions had to be imposed. “And there is a very long waiting list.”

His latest major project in Mosella Schweich: “Verein

Society needs volunteers

Darius Gutte draws the lines with a broom on the tennis court of his club MTV 1817 Mainz. The youth media games are currently taking place, parallel to six places. The 26-year-old is responsible for training and organizing competitions for a total of 120 children and young people. Voluntary, of course.

“I’m happy to invest my time and then see that the kids are having fun here,” says Gutte. To finance his studies, he worked as a tennis coach at MTV. “But everything else around her is voluntary. That’s why the sports youth grant also regularly relieves me financially. I can just do my volunteer work a little more relaxed,” says the young man, who also does volunteering in his parish of St. Pierre.

Gutte wants to ‘give something back’

His training? “For me, it’s a no-brainer to give something back,” he told SWR Sport. Even as a child, he himself benefited from the fact that others were active for him. Darius Gutte: “I just notice that volunteering is necessary to function as a society.”

Next generation STIPS begins

Meanwhile, Laura Lehne stops in Mainz on her tour from Heidelberg to Schweich. Exchange of experiences with Martin Hämmerle, head of the youth sports department. Because the application period for the next generation STIPS is ending now. 20 other young volunteers will benefit from the monthly support.

“We are the sports youth, we are the biggest youth organization in RLP and it is important for us to give a voice to this youth,” Hämmerle underlines and adds with a laugh: “We select the best, who are above of the average committed and Of course, we hope to have already identified the president of the State Athletic Association in 2050.”

One thing is certain: the sports youth scholarship makes an important contribution to supporting young volunteers, a commitment that is priceless.

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