Financial award for outstanding students: Josephine Hahmann receives an annual scholarship from the Sparkassenstiftung Heiligenhaus

Josephine Hahmann is the recipient of this year’s annual scholarship from the Heiligenhauser Sparkassenstiftung. The student receives 3,600 euros for her special achievements in her studies at the Velbert-Heiligenhaus campus. Half of the sum is financed by the public sector (German stock exchange) and the other half by the Heiligenhauser Sparkassenstiftung.
“I am very happy to be able to use the Heiligenhauser Sparkassenstiftung scholarship to highlight the importance of the Velbert-Heiligenhaus campus as a real talent pool and to financially support someone who particularly deserves it”, says Thomas Meuser, director of sector of the Kreissparkasse Düsseldorf in Heiligenhaus and Wülfrath, who acted at short notice for the chairman of the board of directors of the Heiligenhauser Sparkassenstiftung, Prof. Dr. Svend Reuse intervened. “It is really important for us to promote and retain excellent specialists in the region and to reward them for their great achievements.”
This year’s scholarship holder studies computer engineering at the Velbert-Heiligenhaus campus and works as a student intern at the Duisburg site of Advantest Europe GmbH. In the summer of 2021 she moved to Heiligenhaus, and since then the Böblingen native has been commuting between Duisburg and campus. “Alongside my studies I am still studying for my Cambridge English certificate to improve my English, and in my spare time I am an avid diver. All of this – and the journey from Heiligenhaus to Duisburg – is very expensive, so the scholarship is a big help for me,” says Josephine Hahmann.
Fourteen other students also received prizes, also called BO scholarships: twelve of them come from the Alice and Hans Joachim Thormählen Foundation, two others from the Association of Metallurgical Employers. The other scholarship recipients are Paul Aschan, Nandino Cakar, Kimberly Dirkes, Simon Doering, Jessica Dreyer, Jan Michael Edelmann, Joshua Fichtel, Patrick Koston, Midras Lappe, Philip Niklas Maas, Vladimir Renev Petrov, Janine Sawer, Sven Wallner and Kilian Wittke.

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