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The account provides access to digital government services such as INSS, digital work card, Federal Revenue, eSocial, among others.

These beads are divided into “gold”, “silver” and “bronze”. The default when entering the service is to have “bronze” access. The “silver” or “gold” level connection requires a higher level of security, such as facial recognition, allowing access to accredited banks and more sensitive services – such as the redemption of values ​​forgotten in banks.

The creation of the account is free. Those who don’t have it yet can register as follows:

The account provides access to government digital services — Photo: Reprosução

How to increase the level of the account?

Page where it is possible to increase the trust seal of the account — Photo: Reproduction

The account has three levels of security and access: bronze, silver and gold.

When created via an online form from the INSS or the Federal Revenue, for example, the account generally starts at the bronze level, which gives only partial access to government digital services and whose level of security is only considered basic.

When logging into, the citizen is already informed about the level of the account. To level up, just follow the instructions or enter “Confidentiality/Trust Seal”.

In the application, when connecting to, the citizen is already informed of the level of the account. — Photo: Reproduction

The silver level is obtained by:

  • Face validation by app to verify your photo based on driving license (CNH)
  • Validation of personal data through the online banking services of an accredited bank
  • Data validation with SIGEPE username and password, if the citizen is a federal civil servant

The maximum level of security can go through:

  • Face validation by app to verify your photo at electoral justice bases
  • Validation of your data with a digital certificate compatible with ICP-Brasil

To complete the registration, it is necessary to authorize the use of personal data — Photo: Reproduction

Are you having problems with your account?

Check below what could be the reason for the problem and how to fix it:

How to recover a login account

To recover the access account, enter the CPF on the welcome screen and click the “Continue” button. Then click on the “Forgot password” link. Single sign-on will evaluate the most secure way to recover the citizen’s account.

  • Through the app:

Click on the “Generate QR-CODE” button. If you can’t recover through the app, just click the “I don’t have a mobile phone” button.

Recover account via app — Photo: Reproduction

The account creation QR-CODE will be displayed on the screen. Open the application and click on the “Read QR CODE” button. Point the mobile phone to the computer screen to read the QR-CODE. Then click on “Do face recognition”. Position your face in front of the mobile phone camera and follow the instructions until the system validates the information. Finally, fill in the fields with a new password and click “Finish” to retrieve the record.

  • Via accredited banks:

Click on the image of the desired accredited bank. If you cannot recover via bank, just click the “Recover in another way” button.

Recover an account via accredited banks — Photo: Reproduction

Follow the accredited bank’s procedures and set the password and click “Finish” to complete your account recovery.

After verifying that the registration email is correct, click “Send Code”. If you can’t retrieve it by email, just click “I don’t have access to this email”. Open the email and find the passcode forwarded (check your spam folder if it’s not in your inbox). Enter the access code and click “Next”. Set the password and complete your account recovery.

  • By text message (SMS):

Verify that the mobile number in the record is correct and click “Send Code”. If you can’t retrieve it with your cell phone number, just click “I don’t have access to this cell phone”. Check the message received on the informed mobile phone and enter the code in the 6-character code field, then click “Next”. Set the password and complete your account recovery.

Unable to save password

Account passwords must be between eight and 70 characters. They may include:

  • Upper and lower case letters. Passwords are case sensitive, so “C” is different from “c”;
  • Numbers;
  • Symbols (!” # $ % & ( ) * + , – . / : ; < = > ? @ [ ] ^ { | }).

Avoid common passwords such as: dates, 12345678 and names.

The access code by e-mail or SMS does not arrive

  • Invalid SMS or E-mail (typing error) or
  • The confirmation email is in your spam (junk mail) folder or
  • The confirmation email hasn’t arrived in your inbox yet either;
  • The confirmation SMS depends on whether the message functionality is available for the mobile by the operator or;
  • The confirmation SMS depends on the credits available on the cellular plan to receive messages.

Depending on the email service, it may take up to 24 hours to reach your inbox. And depending on the SMS service, you may not receive the message right away. Wait a few minutes to verify the new download.

If the citizen notices changes in the registration that were not made by him, he must send an email to following the guidelines:

Indicate the subject of the e-mail: I have not modified my registration data. Insert the content of the email with the information:

  • Citizen’s name;
  • CPF Citizen;
  • A face photo (selfie) of the citizen, showing his document with the photo next to the face;
  • Attach the printout (photo/screenshot) of the received e-mail or SMS with information about the change.

From there, just follow the account recovery procedures.

Message: “Error logging in user. Try again”

The REDESIM external site and Empreendedor external site portals require, for authentication, the e-mail when registering the single login. If the email is not registered, portals will show “Error logging user in. Please try again”.

To resolve the situation, please follow the steps:

  • Access the account;
  • Insert the e-mail through the steps present in the change of registration data;
  • Authenticate to the portal again to continue the process.

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